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2011 Honda CR-V

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2011 Honda CR-V Problems

Miscellaneous -- Verified

Impact to the front bumper can cause the connector on the washer pump to come off and the windshield washers will not work. Depending upon the severity of the impact it could damage the washer motor and bottle.

2011 Honda CR-V Questions and Answers

west80, 2011 Honda CR-V, Warwick, RI

My new Honda 2011 crv seems to die between the speeds of 40-50 mph. It seems to shift to early and losses power. I had it serviced by the dealer and they said this is normal because of the torque. ...

LornaP, 2011 Honda CR-V, Charlestown, MA

I notice that the D3 light came on for the first time...what does this mean.

Cute CRV, 2011 Honda CR-V, Snowflake, AZ

The metal on metal clang doesn't happen every shift from park to reverse.

apellegr, 2011 Honda CR-V, Lexington, KY

a humming noise from the front right side of the car, rotated the tires - no change.

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2011 Honda CR-V Reviews

400 miles on my 2011 crv , ticking noise from the top end sounds like tipical honda valve train issues, only this k24 is completely different from all other honda ohc engines, it has rollers in the valve train which is different from the other b,f,d,h,j series engines , the change was suppost to be honda engineers fix to the top-end issue, looks like they need to go back to the drawing board. not to hate or dis honda, i am a jdm fanatic, also owning a built b18c1 in my 98 civic eg.

I was forced into buying another vehicle, because my previous one - a 1996 Jeep Cherokee Country, was totaled by a careless driver. So, in Nov 2010, I went into a car search like never before. After all the test drives and in some cases doing internet reseach without a drive, I knew I wanted a quality compact SUV with good-to-better EPA gas mileage. My choice- a 2011 CR V EX 4WD. In sum, it is at the top of the list for overall quality, detail, and value. My first trip gave me 30.5 mpg. I switched the oem tires to Michelin Latitude Tour tires for a quieter ride..Digital dash readout tops all SUV's. Love my V more every day!

the competition. instrument readout is the best. I love the vehicle more every day!
love the vehicle. It grows on one more every day. The instrument panel tires - the quietesttires they make for this vehicle.

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