Check Engine Light and Poor Throttle Response on Ford Freestyle

A defective electronic throttle body (ETB) can cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate and could have limited to no throttle response. Our technicians tall us that replacing the electronic throttle body will commonly correct this concern.

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Average mileage: 124,506 (14,117–230,040)
3 model years affected: 2005, 2006, 2007
54 people reported this problem
35 people shared problem details
2005 Ford Freestyle114,000
Driving along and the car jerks, wrench light comes on, and pressing the gas pedal does not make the car accelerate. Turning it off for a few minutes fixes the issue for a while and then it happens again. I am concerned for my safety as I am driving at highway speeds when this happens.
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2005 Ford Freestyle172,000
My when driving the rench light will pop on and the car won't accelerate. The rpm jumps up and the transmission won't switch gears. Idk what to do. I was told my sensors need to be replaced. But I also recently replaced my converter belt. So just trying to find a solution until I can replace the lemon I bought.
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2007 Ford Freestyle102,000
I have 4 lights on in my dash the engine light, abs brake, traction and airbag also the speed odometer quit working and it no longer registers miles.I also have issues with it changing gears it has the cvt transmission and the the rpm go high when it won't change it was bought used but still owe on it the local parts place said it tested a problem in with abs control module so we replaced it and nothing was fixed any one have any ideas what this could be thanks
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2005 Ford Freestyle153,000
left work drove 1/4 of a mile and car jerked while driving at 35 mph, wrench light came on and car didn't seem to accelerate at first but did slightly accelerate so I could get off the road. Turned car off waited a few minutes turned on and light went off. Drove home 10 miles with no issues, but worried this will happen again.
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2005 Ford Freestyle146,000
While driving my 2005 ford freestyle on the road, It suddenly turned the wrench light ON and seized acceleration. The car stopped in the middle of the road. I turned OFF the engine and started back ON and wrench light went away. I thought the car might turn back to normal but apparently at 2500 to 3500 RPM, the car is just revving up but no lateral movement on the ground.
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2006 Ford Freestyle125,000
Wrench Light and poor to no acceleration. Following day light hasn't come back on, YET. Have appointment to take car to a Ford Dealership
2005 Ford Freestyle93,000
wrench light comes on and lose power at start up. turn off car and light goes away for a day or two. eventually the check engine light came on. Took it to shop with DST p2106. After much troubleshooting they want to replace the ETB. Haven't done it yet because they aren't 100% sure it will fix the problem and it's an $800 repair.
2005 Ford Freestyle136,337
Wrench light, check engine, dtc 2100, 2107, 2110. Need part # for electronic body throttle.
i have problems with the throttle body. i need replace and the dealer cost is 800.00
Car parked overnight, starts fine, push the brake and put the car in reverse, nothing happens, drive nothing, low nothing, OBD2 code show's P0701 which says basically nothing but check connection etc. No transmission noises nothing the car has been reliable since we bought it new in 07. Transmission fluid show translucent greenish ready for change of transmission fluid and filters. The Roll resistor needs to be changed, all the normal maintenance has been done. The wrench and MIL engine are on with that code, I really don't think its the Transmission, if its the ETB is that the unit on the gas pedal itself?, I wish I had the pin out tests so i can check myself. Oh yea of course the car is paid for with no warranty.
2006 Ford Freestyle108,000
Engine light will stay on and wrench light goes on and off. When the wrench light comes on car sputters bad.
2005 Ford Freestyle178,000
Mine stalls and the wrench comes on. It has stalled twice and I called Ford and they said it was a recall. I got it to the Ford Dealer and they called and said the recall does not cover vehicles over 150000 miles on it. I am so disappointed with FORD. They are not trustworthy!!!
2006 Ford Freestyle121,000
Wrench Light on and loose accelaration. Restart of the vehicle fixes the issue temporarily and issues resurfaces.
The Ford Freestyle starts but soon after all the electronics go out and the car won't move.
2006 Ford Freestyle145,698
wrench light pos on, car power lost.Forced to pull over and shut off. Wait a few minutes and it re-starts and then good for few hours. throttle body replaced.....still same issue...MONEY PIT!!
2005 Ford Freestyle43,000
Wrench lite comes on , loose power,won't speed up. car strays on, nothing when you press the gas,turn car off ,turn back on ,ok for a while.... wHAT THE h3LL? GOING ON? MY STANG IS A 2013 V-6 THX. ldt
2006 Ford Freestyle166,000
While driving in the highway, the car suddenly lose power or won't accelerate. I pulled over I saw that rpm is in idle mode only and wrench icon is lit. I have to turn off the engine and turn on after a few minutes clearing the wrench indicator. Now the accelarator is working. This happen intermittently. I have to go the dealer to have it checked.
2006 Ford Freestyle164,964
Jerk and got a wrench light
2006 Ford Freestyle14,117
car jerks backing up & while going forward wont shift,rpms go high when im driving wrench light ,abs light engiene light on. cars running but wont move or if it does move its not shifting into gear it seems....seems to not be getting gas because it stopped going as i was driving I have no idea where to take my car to be fixed correctly the battery keeps going dead and its new i have a warranty.ive replace the alternator but was told the computer is shutting off the alternator and my air conditioner
Throttle body code for stuck and forced closed showed and no response in the gas pedal. Still working on it.
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