Q: won't go in reverse on 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

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My 2001 PT Cruiser would not go in reverse. I took it to a shop and he said it was the plastic piece at the end of the cable that attaches to the shift. He wanted to charge me $180. for the new cable and 3 hours labor - total over $450. My husband went on line and ordered the plastic piece only and had it sent to our house. It cost $20.00. Then he took it to another mechanic he knew and he charged him $70. labor to install it. Total $90.00 (savings - $360.00+) Send your brother/husband/mechanic savvy sister etc.
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I had the same problem on my 2001 5spd, it wouldn't shift into reverse, found out it was the linkage bushing, which they don't sell by them selves you have to buy the whole linkage rod, well i found a side called boogerbushings, where u can get the bearing for 26.00 and is an easy install. Didn't have to spend 1500.00 that a mechanic wanted. Also the bushing is oh heat resistant plastic not rubber and wil last long time. Here is the website address the guy who invented these is a genuis
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