Q: windshield washer fluid leak on 2003 Chevrolet Suburban 2500

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I have a leak somewhere in the windshield washer system. However,I can find no liquid under the car, but over 1 gallon has leaked out somewhere. I hope it is NOT inside the car panels somewhere. Also,The rear window washer does not work either.I need a diagram of where the distribution hoses for the washer system are located.
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Most commonly Suburbans will leak washer fluid from the washer pump itself. Also, the washer lines run behind the battery tray and can be damaged by corrosion from the battery. If you fill the bottle and find no leaks then have someone operate the front washer while you inspect tor leaks. Then operate the rear washer and do the same. If a washer pump is leaking you will need to determine if it is the front or rear pump, they are next to each other at the base of the washer bottle. A common place for the rear washer to leak is where the washer hose passes from the body to the rear glass, inside the rubber flex conduit at the top of the hatch.