Q: window motor on 2007 Mazda MAZDASPEED6

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the passenger side window will not operate from the driver side but does from the paasenger side. And the auto window feature does not operate for either window (driver or passenger). All other windows work fine.
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from the passenger side, use button to close the window and hold the button for 3 seconds then release. then you will be able to control the window from the drivers side, must do the same for other windows in the back
This has happens to me aswell. All u have to do is go to each window one by one a repeat the same thing
(roll window down half way the put back up then hold it for 3 secounds and then release )
Remember do this individually, and what i mean by that is physicaly go to the passenger side of the car and do
The steps then the back window and so on. Hope this helps.