Window Fails to Open or Close on BMW X5

Door window fails to open or close. This is a very common problem with these BMWs.

You will need to replace the window regulator to fix this. Same problem and solution for all windows. 

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Average mileage: 98,447 (14,795–189,000)
7 model years affected: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, more2005, 2006, 2007
39 people reported this problem
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2005 BMW X5 75,000 mi,
driver side window goes down but wont go up. rear driver side window wont go down at all. no crunching sound heard.
2001 BMW X5 120,000 mi,
2001 X5 4.4, I replaced all four regulators over 2 1/2 years. The driver side went out 2 times. Have a tip to save money on regulator replacement. Call a local auto glass replacement company. I saved $ 205.00 from my shop mechanics's price. They came to me and did the work at my work. the did it in 1-1/2 hours. Much more convenient.
Have done this to all of my 4 windows at $500/a pop and then again just now to my passenger side window regulator and motor changed for the 3 time again at $500/cost to me. What happened to the BMW quality ?????? What happen to any recalls ,we need to speak up !!!!!
2001 BMW X5 125,000 mi,
I am still have to deal with this problem. AS long as I don't roll the window all the way DOWN, then I can roll it back up to close. But if it goese all the way down, it gets stuck. I am planning to replace the LF window regulator soon
2005 BMW X5 106,000 mi,
Window went down don't want to come up
2003 BMW X5 70,000 mi,
Same Windows stuck problem for the 3rd time now on my 2003 BMW X3i. Every time the BMW repair fix it, the other window stops working. Definitely some issue with the window regulator. We have a 1999 Camry and us that car more than BMW and never had any issue with that so far. Have my doubts on German engineering now!
I rolled down the window than it wouldn't want to go back up . I could hear cable rattling. I yelped car window repair near me , it was the regulator . I got it fixed for 110 dollars
Coolant leak, oil leak, window not coming up.
2001 BMW X5 118,500 mi,
Front passenger window made a loud grinding sound going up and down. Took it back to dealer and they bought a $40 part on ebay and had a windshield installation guy pull the door apart and replace whatever piece was broken. Sorry I don't know the name of the part, but whatever they did fixed it. And the repair cost THEM much less than what many people are charged.
Window wont open or close. Problem: Window actuator broken. Solution: disassembly of door & replacement of actuator. I've done 3 of these. The front doors were 550/each,at 50K, 75K. The rear at 100K was $700
I also have had to replace three of the four, so it's maybe just me I am the only one that uses the vehicle and these fail all by themselves, if they were used all the time I would understand why!!!! But when they only get lowered a little bit in warm weather and just 5 times a year at the most and yes 550 - 675 a range they will not explane why the difference in prices
2001 BMW X5 45,500 mi,
I've had all four window regulators repaired at least 2-times and two of them 3-times. Cost me approximatelley $400 everytime except the first time when it was repaired under warranty. Milage: 45k, 57k, 60k, 65k, 95k, 110k, 167k
2005 BMW X5 115,664 mi,
Closed the front passenger door and window fell off track went all the way down in door
2003 BMW X5 14,795 mi,
Passenger door window rolled down, did not go up. 2 weeks later driver door window rolled down and did not go back up. This vehicle rarely driven, windows rarely rolled up and down. It has not been fixed . I will use info provided here and call glass company.
2004 BMW X5 50,000 mi,
I have had the the rear (r) passenger, front passenger & front driver window all repaired because all became stuck in the down position.
2003 BMW X5 127,000 mi,
I rolled my passenger window down about 1/4 of the way and it must have fallen all the way down. When I tried to roll it up it would not do a thing.
2006 BMW X5 110,000 mi,
The Window regulator needed replaced
2005 BMW X5 108,000 mi,
Let the window down will not go back up
Replaced at 45k, 57k, 80k,...miles. Have changed at least 10 regulators, 2x each on rear doors and 3x each on front doors.Over $3,800 spent on regulators, two covered under warranty, at 195k miles now.
2001 BMW X5 101,100 mi,
Driver side front and passanger side rear window regulators failed and needed to be replaced.