Q: Why is my air conditioning only kicking on when the vehicle is accelerated? on 1995 Chevrolet G Series Van (G20)

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The air seems to only kick on when you stomp on the gas. It will stay on for a little while then it will drop off again and it will have to be refer up again. It is serviced within limits and is freezing when it is on. Doesn't matter if its in max or normal modes or how high you have the fan settings. Trying to figure out what to try and change first because ac parts aren't cheap for these vans.
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The air conditioning sounds fine but it sounds as if the blower motor is not working properly you should start with checking the fan blower for proper operation.
The fan blows fine in any setting the air is just not cold because the compressor is not kicking in until its rev'd up. Think it may be the clutch pulley but was just trying to see other peoples thoughts first before I spent the money on it. However thank you for the answer.
Have you tested your compressor clutch relay or condenser fan relay? When my condenser fan began to go out I noticed that these same symptoms and soon after the compressor began screeching.