Q: where is the fuel filter on my 94 90 quattro, do i need to drop the fuel tank on 1994 Audi 90 Quattro

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engine died while running. it will still crank but there is no fuel getting to spark. it is still pumping fuel but not getting any or enough through.
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Its located passenger rear,just in front of the rear wheel. When you look under the Car you may have to jack it up a little, you will see the gas tank and its between you and the tank its at a slight right angle and recessed in the body. Here comes the tricky part its got a plastic housing that keeps in place. You have to use a long flat screw driver to push along side the filter up under the plastic.(you may have to use 2,worst case scenario you can use sharp instrument to cut plastic careful not to cut fuel line. Slide out filter use 2 wrenches to remove top and bottom line watch for gas some will definitely come out. Replace with new filters & do not reuse the old copper washers
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