Q: Where is the fuel filter located? on 1991 Chevrolet Suburban 2500

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The truck cut off at a stop light and wouldnt restart. After an hour or so, it turned over. A little later, it turned over fine, but started to cut out after 30 min. After setting a while, it again turned over but again cut out after about 20-30 min. Now it will not turn over at all...just cranks. I think it may be either the fuel filter or pump...want to try filter first before spending money on pump. I know the pump in located in the tank...but I cant find the filter.
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My truck had the same issue except it is not the filter alone and the pump is fine you should be able to hear it when you just turn the key with my truck is was sediment in the fuel tank and it was being sucked into the screen on the pump if you let it sit it will sink back to the bottom until its sucked back up I would just drop and flush the tank do the fuel lines while your there Chevy lines rust out horrible behind the tank same goes for the brake line behind the tank to