Q: when car is in idle seems to run rough and takes more time to speed up! on 2001 Volvo V40

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problem with car not seeming to get enough fuel to accelerate,and when in idle seems to want to go,and then takes more time to get speed up and check engine light flashes as this is all happening!
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If you haven't changed the spark plugs for 25,000 miles or so, replace them with new Volvo plugs. Other than that you'll need to have the codes pulled from the engine control module and perform the troubleshooting for the codes retrieved.
If you've replaced the plugs and still have the same problem, then replace the ignition leads too. This worked on my 1998 V40. Be careful you connect the correct lead to the correct plug.
i do think the problem could be one of the coil packs as i had same trouble when i over tightend one and cracked it when i changed the plugs