Q: What is cost to replace cam shaft & lifters? on 1997 Chevrolet Suburban 2500

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Engine has tap after cold start then it goes away?
Does the cam shaft & lifters need replacing? If yes,
cost of parts & labor?
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This is not uncommon, especially if the oil is draining back into the oil pan because the oil filter doesn't have an "anti-drainback" feature. That means that the oil pressure doesn't get to the lifters right away because it's all drained into the oil pan, causing the noise. Replacing the cam and lifters is about 7 hrs labor and the cam is about $375 plus the lifters about $400 for the set. Plus there are gaskets, cleaners, oil and filter, coolsnt, sealer, cleaner, etc. I think you could find the parts cheaper if you look around, I'd shop on the internet, myself. But if you need a shop to do it you'll have to pay their prices for parts. I'd be interested in making sure I had the best oil and filter first before I'd spring for a big machanical repair which could cost over $1200..
Here's a directory link for you to find a shop:
The 454 (7.4) engine has had camshaft issues with the lobes going flat, but before you replace a cam and lifters try adjusting the lifters. I have also seen the rockers nut come loose, so replacing the loose ones is a good idea.
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