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What is ABC visit workshop warning on dashboard mean?

(2003 Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG)
in Carlsbad, CA on November 02, 2009
As you turn on the engine it shows in the dashboard ABC visit workshop. It has 81,000 mileage and 75,000 mileage was done. What are the things should be done for ABC service as indicated as warning sign?
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on April 27, 2010
I had this exact problem. The Active Body Control (ABC) "Visit Workshop" alert on your dash could mean a number of things as the ABC controls a lot i.e., suspension, lowering and raising car, and driveability. It could also be a leak in your power steering. Check under your car, after it has sit for awhile, and see if it has any leaks. If not then it is most likely your ABC compressor or your struts or suspension in general. The ABC comprsessor runs the air through your suspension which lowers and raises your car, it also keeps your car in a steady line when driving i.e., the ABC button that you push to tighten up your steering and your suspension, or the button to raise and lower your Mercedes by 3" or 6". Bring it in to Mercedes and make sure that it is either under warranty or you have an after market warranty that will cover this. Mine just went on me, because of a failer that a shop, to remain nameless, did to me. They added power steering fluid to my ABC channel and it ran all the way through my system. Mercedes had to flush the entire system and replace the ABC pump/compressor. The job cost me $3750, mostly labor. There is sometimes a quick fix and the part is a front strut air leak patch. You could have an air leak in your front struts, if so then this won't be as bad, the part was $200 for both struts. If it is not that and it is your rear struts, then that will be expensive. So go visit the workshop now (Mercedes only) as other shops do not know how to work on our Mercedes, I am not a dealer or repair shop, just a fellow Mercedes owner and have learned the lesson of trying to save money at another shop. Mercedes cars require Merdes parts. Bring it in and with this information, tell them what you have learned. Hope this helped.
on April 27, 2010
This is not an A or B service. There is no such thing as a C service. ABC = Active Body Control. Your service may be up to date based on your mileage you gave, usuaually it is A service, then 10,000 miles later your B service (bigger than A), and then it goes back to A service and so on. Then nyou have your 50,000, 75,000, and 100,000 mile service. These are big ones, spark plugs which alone can be a lot as 12 cylinder engines have 24 spark plugs, 8 cylinder, most of us, have 16 spark plugs and the 100,000 mile service replaces the 16 or 24 spark plugs, plus a lot of other stuff for roughly $700.
on October 01, 2012
I had the same issue with my 2003 S55 AMG. Check your ABC fluid reservoir located in the hood of your car on the driver side. It is a blue label that say Active Body Control. Now there are two reservoir. A big one and a small one. Check the big one closet to the wind shield. The one with the blue ABC label you don't touch. The black nob next the it you pull out. You will see two level marking on the dip stick. The hydraulic fluid must be filled to the top marking of the dip stick closet to the nob. The ABC hydraulic fluid use on Benz is ( PENTOSIN CHF 11S) its a green 1 liter metal can, which says made in Germany and cost about $25.00 to $30.00 bucks per can. When I had that problem I pure a half can in my reservoir to bring it to the top level and started it up. The car did a self check and seconds later the car rose to the regular height. I drove the car around and the visit work shop light did not reappear. Hopefully you are not too low on ABC Hydraulic fluid and will only need one can. I would still check your car because there is a leak somewhere. Let me know your outcome. Good luck Mike.
on November 02, 2009
Your car should specify one of the A, B, or C services, which is how Mercedes has them organized. Which service you need, if the computer is functioning correctly, depends on what service you had performed at 75k. You may be due for your next, depeding on driving conditions, etc.
on April 27, 2010
Thanks for the correction, mebenso!
on September 03, 2010
No problem. Glad to help, just want to ensure we all have the correct data.

on September 02, 2010
Well, I had the same problem with my 2004 CL 500. Then when stopped at a traffic light the driver front end went down, and passenger rear end was up. Mine ended up being, the height sensor, also a leak in the power steering was connected!
on January 08, 2011
problem is a bad valve for the ABC system, costs $2400 to replace, very common problem on S55's especially after 80k miles, only MBZ sells the part thus the crazy pricing
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