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Q: Went from missfire to rough idle and engin dies? on 2004 Mercury Monterey

The problem started out with the following errors! 1. crankshaft position sensor fault, 2. misfire detected cylinders 1 and 3, and 3. general check plugs & wires. Check was done at auto parts store so i know they are not the best readers to go by. Replaced Crank sensor, wires and plugs. New error was only misfire detected cylinder #3 and a strong smell of gas in exhaust. Removed coil pack noticed several cracks and thus replaced. No longer have misfire issues but now engine idles rough until it stalls within 15sec to 2 min. Error codes now are P2197 lack of heated 02 sensor indicates lean condition bank 2 sensor 1, P21945 lack of heated 02 sensor indicates lean condition bank 1 sensor 1, P0106(Man. absolute pressure)/BARO or MAF (Mass Air Flow) / VAF (Vane Air Flow) sensor condition, and P0102 (Man. absolute pressure)/BARO or MAF (Mass Air Flow) / VAF (Vane Air Flow) sensor condition. Also still strong gas smell in exhaust, any clues as to what is going on and how the ignition system messed with this?
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It's quite unfortunate that you are interpreting the "auto parts store check" so literally. For example, replacing the crank sensor was likely entirely unnecessary, as that code will occur when a stall occurs, and does not really mean anything.

I strongly strongly strongly recommend you get a qualified technician checking this out for you, instead of wasting countless dollars buying parts you probably don't need. Honestly, I can't even guess at what is going on now, due to the variables introduced from all the part replacements. You need a clean slate - clear codes, clear KAM, run the vehicle, see what comes back.

You most likely have a vacuum leak or intake gasket leak...something like that. Just please don't guess at it.
Thanks for the advice. Took a second look over the back of the engine and discovered that while checking the #3 plug wire my cousin knocked the vacuum assist hose to the break booster loose from the back! All is now well. Thanks again...
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