Q: weak starting on 1998 Chevrolet 3500 Pickup

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In the morning, when cool, turning the key to start, produces no result. Repeating 4-5 times produces a very weak start. When engine is warmed up, starting is much stronger, almost normal.
Analysis shows battery, alternator and starter in good working order.
All connecting wires and terminals to battery, solinoid and starter motor have been cleaned and re-connected. What could be causing the weak starting ??
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Hi, very good information you've provided! I just need to know a couple more things:
- When you say "weak start", do you mean the engine is turning over slowly? Like the battery is weak?
- Have you had a voltage drop test performed on the battery cables? It is very easy and is the best way to test the cables and battery connections.
No voltage drop happens. What else could cause a delayed, then a weak start ? Could the problem be in the ignition,connections in the steering column ?
The delayed start could be from the ignition switch or the wiring to the switch, but a weak start should be from a battery, cables or the starter.
When you performed the voltage drop test, did you check both cables from the starter to the battery? What were the readings?