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Q: Water pump replacement too costy?? on 2008 Saturn Sky Red Line

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My 2008 Saturn Sky redline didn't wanna turn on all randomly and well I took to shop to see what was wrong, do it turns out it was the water pump needed to get replaced..I took it to this crappy shop so the cost wouldn't be that much..turns out the guy charges me $ the receipt it said the pump only cost him $85 and labor $310 plus $20 antifreeze..when I asked why labor was that much he stated that replacing the water pump was alot of wrk and it wasn't an easy task..I wNted to know if he bullshited me???
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Why would you even pay for this repair? At the time you asked this question in 2010, your 2008 Sky was still covered under the power train warranty which covers the water pump replacement. The power train warranty is for 5 years or 100,000 miles.
What dealership would you go to and let them know about what you recorded here about the power train warranty? I have a 2007 Saturn Sky and the fan belt broke because of the water pump.
Dealership will charge over $900 to do the work. It does require a special tool that can be purchased online for about $65. The special tool is required to keep the car timed properly. The water pump supplied by Bosch is another $65. Even someplace like pep boys will charge over $700 for this fix. Seems like all saturn sky's over 50,000 miles are needing this replancement. Don't give the dealership the satisfaction. If you found someone to do the work for $460 you made a great deal.
First, why would you take your car to a crappy shop? Do you choose the worst doctor if you need one? ; )
Second, the cost of the original water pump is $ 240. Can you imagine the quality of the part they want to sell you for $85?
Third, there is a special tool involved to remove the pump, otherwise they need to re-time the balancer shaft.
Here is the note from the repair manual: Important: The water pump holding tool supports the sprocket and chain during water pump service. The tool must be used or the balance shaft must be re-timed.
Do you think a crappy shop will have the tool and/or knows how to retime the balancer shaft?
Fourth, The labor time to replace the pump is 2.5 Hrs. If your Saturn dealership charges $80/hour that's $ 200 for labor, plus $240 for the pump, plus $ 20 for the DexCool coolant your total is around $460. So you can have a professional, dealership level service with ORIGINAL PART, with their warranty for about $35 more than what a crappy shop was going to charge you.
So what's the deal??
Don't forget: You get what you pay for! Even in the automotive repair business...

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