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Chrysler Sebring Water Leak Due to Plugged AC Drain

Chrysler Sebring Problem
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Model Years Affected: 1997, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Average Mileage: 86,533 mi (22,000 mi - 218,000 mi)


A plugged AC evaporator drain tube can cause a water leak inside the car; usually near the front passenger's feet.

  • , , 150,000 mi

    There is water on the floor of the front and back driver side.

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    Problem: Water pools in passenger floor board when AC has been running.
    Solution: OK...My dad and I were able to stop the leak. He has a wrecker so we lifted the front end of the car up off the ground. I went to the local hardware store and got a 12 inch piece of plastic hose (the thick stuff) sorry I don't remember the exact size...and a hose clamp. There is a black plug (for lack of a better word) It is the drain where the water from your ac is supposed to drain out. It comes out of my car (2004 Sebring) on the passenger side. You want the car to be cool as it is hard to get to, and you can get burned trying to get to it. We took that plug off. there was a little metal tube/hose that stuck out. We took and put the plastic hose I purchased and used the hose clamp to hold it on. Note: it was a very snug fit. It has been over a month and no more leaks. Hope this can help you.

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    Leaking, passenger side feet, dripping from above and also running into the carpet, noted when A/C running. Not an issue in Colorado...but visiting Louisiana...a MAJOR problem here, sponging out upwards of 2 cups of water from front passenger seat compartment after a 1-2 hour drive, not to mention the wet shows, pant-legs, etc. WHERE exactly is this drainage tube and how do I get to it in order to unblock it, if that might be the problems?????

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  • , , 135,000 mi

    A garage has tryed to fix the problem 2 times but it still gets wet. I'm almost ready to give the car away. No more Chyr. products for me.

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  • , , 85,000 mi

    Run the Ac and water run's down the passenger side from under the dash. Floor board is soaked beyong belief. Goes all the way to back seat floor board, car smells of mildew!!!!

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    Water on front passenger side floor, caused by AC, mechanic added a short hose at the end and stopped leaking in.

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  • , , 30,000 mi

    ac drain was plugged, which caused it to leak inside the passenger compartment.

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  • , , 83,000 mi

    Water accumulation in passenger side front and rear from running a/c in hot, humid weather (our entire summer). Solution: I removed the passenger seat, peeled back the carpet and padding to let the sun dry it out. I also lifted up the noise barrier on firewall side of passenger footwell to dry out. I put the car up on oil change ramps and by hand removed the rubber boot covering the a/c drain (engine side of firewall). I cut a 4 inch length of 5/8 heater hose and slipped it onto the drain tube to extend it. Sat in the car running the air during pouring rain: no leaks! Then I put it back together. Now I can run the a/c in the muggiest weather full blast with no worries!

    Had the same exact thing happen on another Chrysler product: 2002 Dakota Quad cab. Same fix was needed. Chrysler's engineer who designs a/c drains should be fired, retire, or change careers! This is NOTHING BUT inept design. As for the rest of the car: I live it, just like I loved my Dakota!

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  • , , 26,600 mi

    I am looking for the drain now

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  • , , 87,000 mi

    discolored water on passenger floor board ac then stoped blowing cold chrysler wants 1200 to fix it they said the evaporater needs replacement we just had the ac serviced there 3 weeks ago some type of switch needed replacement kinda strange 3 weeks later evaporater needs replacement 6 months ago car got stuck in park neeeded a clip in the shifter replaced then 1 month later needed altenator replaced last month transmission needed replaced now it needs cv axeles replaced and front left brake soleniod All i have to say is these newer chryslers are great cars untill about 60,000 miles then they fall apart anyone thinking of buying one do your homework first look at all the negative reviews on these cars they really do suck

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