Air Conditioning Evaporator

The evaporator receives the very cold refrigerant gas as it is expanding from its liquid state. The cold evaporator absorbs heat from the air passing across it and the cooled air blows into the passenger compartment through the vents on your dashboard.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Air Conditioning Evaporator

  • Weak cool air from system (or no cold air at all)
  • Strange odor when using the heat or the AC

Air Conditioning Evaporator Related Repair Advice

  • It is difficult to detect leaks in the AC evaporator because it's located in the heater/AC case behind the vehicle’s dashboard
  • An AC evaporator will need to be replaced if it fails a leak check. To verify if an evaporator is leaking, it may be necessary to partially or totally remove the dashboard.
  • We recommend replacing the AC accumulator or drier when the AC evaporator is replaced. The accumulator acts as a moisture and debris filter for the AC system and a new part will keep the repaired system clean.

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thanks a lot..your images an description is very good and useful ... keep it up :)

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