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Water leak at high mount stop light on Ford F-150

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Water leaking on left passenger side near rear of truck. Gets headliner all wet. Dealer told me two years ago it was third brake light. Changed light twice and two years later still not fixed. Sealed light completely and it rained on 11/2/2015.Headliner still got wet. Brake Light was dry when cover was removed.I now believe it is the small black trim piece that is riveted to the roof above rear window. Has anyone else had this happen.
Leak was noticed during heavy rain @ the passenger door hand hold, Later noticed @ the 2 rear corners of the back window. Investigating Repair.
this is the second f150 I have had with this problem. the first they replaceed the window 3 times then the cargo light assembly then i got fed up and brought a 2007 f150 only to encounter the same thing.I will not buy another Ford
have the exact problem. It has been going on I was convinced it was coming from the seal on the door. After reading this I checked and yep it's from the cargo light. You would think ford would have fixed it by now.
Mine did this too. Dealer replaced the gasket at the third brake light and the gasket for the whole back window. 6 months later (and after warranty expired) it began to leak again. The replacement of the gasket for the back window never did correct the whole window assembly from shifting and squeaking. Only leaked during extremely hard rain or in a car wash but a steady flow of water leaked in each time.
Water leaks that appear at the headliner and rear seat area have been known to be coming from the rear high mount stop light. The gasket that seals the light becomes warped over time and allows water to enter through the stop light into the cab area. A revised stop light is available, but I have found that properly placed caulk or foam tape will work also.
Leaked through the 3rd brake light into the cabin. I replaced the old gasket with a rubberized foam weather stripping from Home Depot and it seems to be working fine.
Third brake light always has moisture within the light assembly. This led to moisture getting into the roof of the cab causing water damage. A workaround by previous owner to seal the inside was performed but light was never replaced.
I don't get to ride on the back sit of my truck one time I did ,just a little bit of rain and sow water coming inside from the back side of the roof
water leaking into the cab at top right rear. Noticed it during a monsoon rain storm as it dripped on my dad in the back seat a month ago, then yesterday after terrential rains again the headliner is wet and stained, truck smells of mildew.
Purchased a '07 Ford F150 used and the first time it rained found there was a leak dripping down onto the back seats, checked online and this appears to be a common problem for this truck but was easy to fix!

First do NOT use silicone! This will damage the metal around the light. I purchased a replacement 3rd brake light off Amazon for $50.00. Removed the old light and you could see the rubber gasket had broken down around the edge, cleared all dirt/grime where the new light will mount, plugged in the light bulbs to the new assembly and mounted and tightened the 2 screws and done, problem solved. Tested it with a water hose and a rain storm and havn't had any leak since. Be careful not to tighten the mounting screws TOO tight as the assembly can crack.
Water leak started a couple of weeks ago and has only gotten worse. It would have been nice if they could have sent a notice to owners so that the problem could have been fixed before causing so much water damage and inconvenience. So Ford saves a couple of bucks by using a cheap gasket, and owners wind up spending hundreds in repair costs. Nice!
I have water leaks at the 3rd Brake light, and the satellite antenna, Took to dealer and they wanted $740.00 to fix this problem. I don't mind spending money on reasonable fair and tear items, but this problem is a design flaw. Ford has known about this for years, and they recommend a bead of silicone 1/8 " be placed were the gaskets should be. Local, dealer pulled my antenna and it had silicone from the factory... go figure, cost $53. for a new antenna, and I got charged $390.00 for the labor. I opted to purchase a new brake light and install it my self, this was another $100. You would have thought that someone would have made a replacement gasket but that would make too much sense, so either you go with the silicone, a new Ford brake light, or an after market brake light that on average are $35.00. I called Ford about this problem, but don't really expect them to react as they have known about this problem on the trucks since 1998-1999.
Leak in the back, tried sealing it with some sealant bought at advanced auto parts.. one place i didnt try was around the high mount stop light. gonna try it and hopefully fixes it.