Q: Volvo V40 - My heater blows out cold air on 2000 Volvo V40

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My heater blows out cold air. It has a new thermostat. The engine temperature reads fine. The thermostat was not installed at Volvo. So, I don't know if it needs to be reprogrammed. Or, if it is something else. The repair guy (not a Volvo dealer) said that the discharge temperature was hot enough. But it seems that the air conditioner is overriding it.
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If the engine temperature gauge is at 1/2 mark then the thermostat is OK. This sounds like you have another problem. You should have a Volvo shop look into this so they can read out the diagnostic info in the climate control module and make sure the climate controls are operating normally. Most shops wont have the tools necessary to communicate with the climate control system, so find a Volvo Independent shop or Dealer near you, here are some if you need assistance:
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