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Volvo Extends Warranty on ETM Due to High Failure Rate on Volvo V70 XC

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The electronic throttle module (ETM) has a higher than normal failure rate. There is a possible extended warranty and/or a software upgrade offered by Volvo for this problem.

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Volvo V70 XC Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 163,558 (75,341–290,000)
4 model years affected: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002
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Goes in and out of "Limp mode" ETS light comes on, car will not accelerate, it will after "pumping peddle" sometimes though. Does not always start but usually does after several tries. Very unreliable, only dare to drive it within a mile or so, I'm 65 this year and wanted this to be my last car, don't know about that.
It sure is a nice driving car and totally rust free, plenty of power before this started, I really like the thing. I don't know what it needs though. It has not been fixed yet, I live on a tight budget and not sure when this will get done.
Going up hills while holding the throttle at a constant pressure, the engine surges, then slows down, over and over and over until the top of the hill. Getting worse...I fear immanent failure soon. And Volvo only will replace if the car is under 10 years old. Which is ludicrous as ALL of these Volvo's will fail.
RPM goes up and down especially while standing still. I heard that the problem was with the ETM and wanted to see if It would still be covered under the recall?
The car will not rev past 2000 rpm in park. Running in limp mode. Will not go more than 24 mph on level road and slows to 8 mph when climbing a grade. Idle is is very rough.
I had the same problem and on my car the TPS fixed the problem. I found that on my 2001 xc v70 it is hard fixed to the throttle body. I went to a gunk yard and replaced the entire throttle body. That fixed my issue. Rather than spending $200 to $500 I spent $100.
No solution as of yet. Problem, When I accelerate fast to pass someone the car often shuts down, goes into limp-mode.

I've almost been killed by this, so now I do not pass anyone. The V70 XC now cannot be trusted. If I pass on a 2 lane highway and this happens I won't be able to control the car properly. maybe I may be able to pull back into my lane, but unfortunately nether the car coming at me or the car I just passed knows I've lost power.
Volvo better step up because so far no one seems to know what to do. One Volvo dealer told me it's the main control modual. 1270.00 + 2 hrs. labor + 260.00 reprogramming charge. Another Volvo dealer told me the mod. is fine but doesn't know why this is happening.
I need help with this before the car kills me.
ETS light came on and stayed on for some time, even after restarting the car. Next day, light was out. Before the light came on, I'd noticed a problem with lack of power, wondering if I should have a cmpression test, yet it was intermittent. The other comments are not dated, so I have no idea if their solutions are recent or far past.
Engine surged at steady highway speed. The surging became worse and within days was noticeably worse. The engine finally lost all power and went into limp mode. The car had to be towed to the dealer where they identified the ETM problem but never mentioned the extended warrant and common problem. Volvo should be embarrassed by this failure and make it right immediately. I took factory delivery and have driven 10k miles per year. Car looks and feels new until this happened. Shameful lack of quality and integrity by Volvo.
Rough idle on start. Initial take off very slow. Engine reves with accelorator and transmission shows high rpms just no power. Had to unplug MAF sensor to get car to idle when started. Replaced sensor and relay. Going to try cleaning the throttle body/etm.
When I apply brakes the rpm goes up to 2 or ,3 and it feels like the Volvo wants to go even when brake is on. I also noticed even when I'm driving at a normal speed the RPMs go up to 2 or 3 it feels like the turbo just goes on automatically without pushing the gas pedal down very scary my Volvo is a 2001 S60 5 cylinder any suggestions
Its not fixed ,it start runs a min or two then the tach drops and you have to hold gas or it stalls
After an hour of driving the car the idle will fluctuate up and down if I shut the car off for 3 minutes started back up it drives normal with no problem but this only happens in cold weather throughout the summer the car ran great never a problem until the weather started getting cold
As you drive the car when u go to take off from a stop light u give the gas pedal a push and it won't take off feels like the car is being held back won't go over 50 mph codes that read are 913-c ECM THROTTLE VALVE FAULTY SIGNAL 903C Throttle position sensor permanent fault 9160 Throttle unit potentiometer permanent fault sounds like a failed ETM TO ME ITS A BOSCH ETM NOW 133,000 miles and failure come on this is BS and Volvo knows it !!