Vibration Felt at 55 mph on Mazda Mazda3

Problem Description and Possible Solution

A vibration felt at 55 mph may not be a tire problem. Mazda has revised motor mounts available which may help remedy this problem.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 70,463 (5,000–155,000)
Engine affected: 2.0L 4 Cylinder
10 model years affected: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, more2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015
90 people reported this problem
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heavy vibration begins over 60 and gets worse as speed increases - bought new tires, didn't help, double checked balance and alignment at two shops - didn't help - new front rotors and pads - didn't help. Next step is checking mounts -
car accelerates fine without issue until around 60 mph then starts to vibrate when foot is on the accelerator. Only shakes when accelerating and worse up hills, no problems going past 60 when just coasting
Intense steering wheel vibration begins at 55 and worsens as speed increases. Loud road noise. I bought new tires, had them balanced, then re-balanced, but still no improvement. I have noticed my car vibrates when in drive with the brakes on, but not when I put it in neutral. I see a lot of comments on motor mount issues...
Driving at around 60 MPH I feel that the body (not the steering wheel) vibrates. Al 4 tires repalced and balanced including dynamic (on the car) blancing and still the problem not fixed.
We picked up a shimmy/vibration at 70 mph, and it was intermittent, sometimes to the point of slowing down to 20 mph to get it to stop. We thought it might be the roads, but we got all 4 tires replaced and the alignment done and no change. It's really bad in a side wind (this could be wind getting under the hood and yanking it around), but we're tired of spending money on it. Our tires also had severe wear on the outsides.
I purchased a 2015 Mazda 3i Touring that develops a vibration when driving between 55 and 70 mph. The vibration causes the driver's side view mirror to shake and is also felt in the steering wheel and seat. Second day of ownership I had to make a fast stop on a expressway and the brake pedal bounced and vibrated, the car made this horrific sound and then continued when ever I had to stop. Brought the car in, resurfaced one front rotor. Happened again and back to the dealer a week later and they replaced all 4 rotors(I guess). The vibration was addressed and said a tire was out of balance. On the way home the vibration appeared again. A week later back to the dealer. Balanced all 4 tires and also a performed a software update. A week or 2 go by and the vibration is back! Causes fatigue, and anxiety. Back to the dealer kept the car 2 1/2/ days replaced all the wheels and tires off another vehicle like mine. Vibration still there. A friend said it could be my transmission?? Purchased new in Feb 2015 it now has 4,700 miles on it. SO disappointed as I really like the car. No fix yet? Going in possibly tomorrow or Monday? My car has 4,700 miles on it now. Purchased new in Feb //2015
I have an intermittent vibration that usually starts anywhere between 55mph and 70mph. It comes and goes for no particular reason and varies in intensity.
shaking at 55mph....5 different mechanics swore it was my tires
did the front and rear shocks/struts
front axle
balanced tires 5x and aligned the car
HOPING it is the motor mounts!
Car has a crazy vibration at any speeds. the vibration feels stronger when going over any bumps.

All 4 new tires road force balanced twice.
All 4 new rotors and pads.

Problem is still here and the next thing is to check engine mounts.
my car has always shaken no matter how many times my tires are rotated and realigned. New tires does not help the problem
My wife's daily driver that I always noticed vibration at highway speeds. After all the typical wheel balances, new tires, alignments, and tire rotation still not solved. Did replace one wheel expected to be bent and did fix some but I still notice a slight vibration that wasn't there when we purchased the car new.

Thank you for the engine mount information. Will give it a try.
Starting at 55 mph I also get a heavy vibration specially on the pedals... I changed the tires and go them re balanced also check breaks but car is bran new bought in March 2015.. I have 5k miles on it .. Also when I fill up my gas tank and leave the car on park it makes very weird noises.. I don't know if I should keep or not
Starts vibrating at 55 mph. Also have check engine light, diagnostics show : fuel system too lean at idle. Probabaly a separate problem. Just bought this car used and has been one issue after another since day 2 after purchase.
My Mazda starts shaking around 55mph. I just got new tires yesterday , tires balanced and alignment done and the problem is still not gone .
I have a 2009 Mazda3. My car shakes once it gets to 55 MPH and doesn't stop shaking. I've been told it's my tires. Changed my tires; problem still occurs. Went to different mechanic they don't know the issue. I really want this issue to stop or fixed without causing too much money. This issue been going on for 2 years
I'm having this problem too - the car shakes more than the wheel itself. It vibrates up through the car. The dealership said it's suspension actually - struts, links, etc. Very very expensive fixes. I don't know anything about cars so not sure what I'll do.