Q: vehicle is squirrelly on 1990 Audi V8 Quattro

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when accelerating, move foot of gas, and the vehicle will switch lanes, checked tie rods,ball joints,frame mounts,motor mounts, dont know where to go from here
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Are the tires all the same size/type /make? Do any tires show signs of unusual wear? Quickest thing you can do your self is rotate the tires and see if anything changes, after that I would strongly recommend a 4 wheel steering alignment to see if any thing is bent or out of specification, tell the alignment shop what is happening and get them to inspect the steering components for wear. I replaced a lot of suspension components on my brother's Audi with relatively low mileage.
check the shocks. some shafts in the shocks have come apart causing the whole strut assembly to move (pulls one way accel, other on decel). bouncing does not find this problem.
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