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Vehicle Drifts/Pulls to One Side When Brakes Are Applied on Dodge Ram 2500

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Some models could have a severe drift or pull to one side when the brakes were applied. If this is not caused by a dragging brake caliper, there is a service bulletin describing the step-by-step diagnosis and many possible solutions. Our technicians note the most common solutions are performing a four wheel alignment, checking torque on suspension components, installing shims between the wheels and hubs, and replacing the suspension arms.

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Dodge Ram 2500 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 173,166 (50,000–250,000)
Brakes affected: 4WD
6 model years affected: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, more1998, 1999
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I have replaced front pads/calipers/rotors and rear shoes/drums/wheel cylinders. Within 3-4 hours of drive time this problem occurred. Had a small lift on it but removed and did not change. Drove like this for 6 months. Replaced front hoses, no change. Replaced calipers again, no change. The pads are 60-70% worn on the left but only 10-20% worn on the right. All hard lines look fine. Is it possible I got a bad caliper 2 different times on one side from 2 different parts places 6 months apart? At parking lot speed there is no noticeable pull. Pull is less as truck slows to a stop. Also pulls more the harder the pedal is pressed. Alignment was done before I did all this.
Truck veers right when brakes are applied .have to counter with steering wheel considerably .very dangerous at high speeds
Not fixed pulls to right when brakes applied changed ball joints got allinment calipers pads no change
Truck pulls to the left when applying the brake s new calipers pad lines still pulls to the left
Slight pull to left, then upon applying brakes truck veers hard to left. I suspect it's the trailing arm or possibly the driver inner steering link as both ball joints on the end have excessive play
Pulls to left severely when breaks are pressed only started after yesterday's really heavy rain
After replacing worn out front brake pads with every oil change for 100000 mi the problem is not fixed but is only intermittent.
Did ever since it was new dodge replaced the whole front end on truck still the same 212000 on it now have had 97 and it did the same thing have had 12 and now a 15 never any problems