Lincoln MKS Problem Report

Lincoln MKS Software Update to Correct Various Radio Concerns

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Various radio performance concerns may develop including noisy operation, no operation, or SYNC issues. Reprogramming the appropriate module with updated software will commonly correct most of these issues.

Driving down the hiway, loud thump.Throught I ran over something, pulled over, checked car ok. Never turned car off, but no sound out of speakers.Took it to a Lincoln dealer, tech said the audio module is bad.He had seen it in 2 other Lincoln's. He disconneted battery, works for now. He said the module has to be replaced. -
Shut the car off one night everything working fine. When I started it the next morning neither the clock or radio/cd player/ would work. Everything was completely dead. The clock said 10:53 and it still reads 10:53 twelve hours later, I pushed every button on the control panel and still nothing. Since this is the memorial day weekend I have not been able to take the car in but will post results when available. -
No sound from the speakers when the car is first started. It usually comes on after about 20 minutes of driving. -
When I use SYNC to make calls to people, everyone says it sounds like I'm in a hole, or sound far away. I don't know where the voice mic is located or I would project my voice in that direction. I have heard other people call me from their SYNC vehicles and their voice sounds real clear. Any suggestions? -
there is no audio. will come on for 20 min. sometomes. -
MKZ - While pulling the car into the driveway I heard a loud bang. It sounded like it might be coming from the rear portion of the roof. Not really sure. At the same time the radio stopped working. Have not had time to investigate. -
Playing but no sound. Not fixed. Turning the ignition off and restarting will bring system back. I think that is a simple fix and not the cure all. -
no audio when cold after car runs 10-15 minutes audio returns. push on bezel above am/fm button even when warm sound quits. -
Radio sometimes just goes off with a pop and sometimes just will not turn on at all. Been in twice for the same issue -
The engine light was on. Took it in and they said it was the audio system, which consequently hadn't given me any concerns. It was just the light. The Ford dealership (no Lincoln in town) said they changed the module and the control panel but now I'm not hearing a sound once I turn it off. It's going back to the dealership this am. -
Same loud pop at start up and then no sound from speakers -
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