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Software Update to Correct Various Radio Concerns on Lincoln MKS

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Various radio performance concerns may develop including noisy operation, no operation, or SYNC issues. Reprogramming the appropriate module with updated software will commonly correct most of these issues.

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Lincoln MKS Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 67,048 (13,000–142,000)
6 model years affected: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, more2013, 2014
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Randomly loud pops, hissing and static comes blaring out of speakers, regardless of whether the radio is on or off, whether the mobile phone is being used or not, and whether the car is on or off! Craziness. Then while the radio is on, the sound (music or just talking) will convert from a full sound to a hollow sound. I'm afraid my speakers are getting blown up because of this. I know my speakers weren't blown out first, because the volume is never very loud. I hate to take to the dealer, as I'm sure it will cost an arm and leg, but probably have no choice. Anyone else experience this and know the fix?
Shut the car off one night everything working fine. When I started it the next morning neither the clock or radio/cd player/ would work. Everything was completely dead. The clock said 10:53 and it still reads 10:53 twelve hours later, I pushed every button on the control panel and still nothing. Since this is the memorial day weekend I have not been able to take the car in but will post results when available.
Radio makes knocking sound, both when turned off and when turned on. The noise is very irritating. My MKS is equipped with the THX sound system with navigation and a hard drive. I have not had the problem fixed. I do not want to take the car to the dealer. Any recommendations?
My stereo will work fine then all of the sudden it sounded like the sound was just coming out of the speaker on the dash and then it seems to correct itself and all the speakers have sound again. This happens frequently throughout the course of driving the vehicle. Then I started getting loud static over the speakers. This comes and goes as well and is very loud. The static will continue even with the sound turned down and/or the entire entertainment system is shut off. This isn't very entertaining to say the least.
No sound from the speakers when the car is first started. It usually comes on after about 20 minutes of driving.
Playing but no sound. Not fixed. Turning the ignition off and restarting will bring system back. I think that is a simple fix and not the cure all.
I have a 2012 Lincoln MKS which has what I think is a stereo problem. At random times the speakers will start making a loud static and popping noise.bthe door speakers will cut out and sound will only come from the speakers on the dash. Is this a problem you have heard of? I'm having a hard time with bringing it to the dealership because I am unable to duplicate the problem on command so the service tech so hear.
MKZ - While pulling the car into the driveway I heard a loud bang. It sounded like it might be coming from the rear portion of the roof. Not really sure. At the same time the radio stopped working. Have not had time to investigate.
When I use SYNC to make calls to people, everyone says it sounds like I'm in a hole, or sound far away. I don't know where the voice mic is located or I would project my voice in that direction. I have heard other people call me from their SYNC vehicles and their voice sounds real clear. Any suggestions?
Driving down the hiway, loud thump.Throught I ran over something, pulled over, checked car ok. Never turned car off, but no sound out of speakers.Took it to a Lincoln dealer, tech said the audio module is bad.He had seen it in 2 other Lincoln's. He disconneted battery, works for now. He said the module has to be replaced.
When the car is started, the THX system will make a few, knocking sounds. Around 4-5 knocking sounds even when the system is turned off. The car is not driven that much by my wife, so this problem is very irritating. I have not had the problem fixed yet. Who would I take the car to? I do not want to go to the dealer!
Just started with front speakers not working when car started. After a few minutes, speakers will work for remainder of trip. When car is restarted, again, no front speakers. It is annoying because without front speaker, bluetooth phone option is useless...cannot hear person on phone, cannot access handsfree options. Some days I can drive 80 miles and front speaker will not come on at all, other times, I can drive 50' and it will come on. I need answer to where I can get this fixed or is there a fix to it???
Loud thumping noise coming from rear driver side speaker or sound goes in and out. It started on Friday and lasted about a minute. Now it won't turn off. I can't make my 45 minute commute with all that noise!
Turn my car off last night when I got home and everything was perfectly fine this morning I got in it and started it and my airbag light came on and in my screen it said to remove objects from passenger seat and then went to turn my radio on and it was saying no radio available pushed the media button and it says no media available but my bluetooth is working through my speakers and the time and everything else is working fine!! Can someone please help!!
Radio sometimes just goes off with a pop and sometimes just will not turn on at all. Been in twice for the same issue
I went inside of a store, turned the car off and everything in lauding the A/C. I came back outside to start the car nothing happen. I thought my battery was dead so I gave it a jump. The only thing came on was my dashboard. I changed the battery in my key to see if that will work and tried to put it back in the fob holder in the glove department. The car did not start still. I took it to the dealership and now I'm waiting to see the verdict on the problem.
some times radio stops and make weird noise from speakers . and stay on noise longtime then fix by self.