BMW 745i Problem Report

BMW 745i Various Interior Trim Parts May Peel

(36 reports)

There are reports of various interior trim parts peeling including center console buttons, storage tray buttons, door sill entry covers, b-pillar trims, and kick panels.

Door sill and rear window shade peeling -
interior paint on the floor panels near the door the paint is peeling. Even on the back door and no one ever sits there. -
Don't know how to fix the peeling paint near the hood release and foot rest area on driver's side. Every time the car gets worked on it comes back with more scuffs and scrapes. Looks ugly. -
interior trim peeling... console buttons, etc. -
Interior peeling everywhere. -
Interior trim peeling everywhere. -
Buttons to open center console are peeling along with trim inside the car -
door sill entry covers peeling -
The trim peels.Door sill entry covers peeling. -
floor trim peeling, knobs peeling -
I got the car at 40,000 miles and the door sills were peeling. I can scratch the lining with my fingernail! -
Peeling on plastic door sill -
Door sill entry covers peeling -
Paint (my color is flannel gray) peeling near door sill trim, "AIRBAG" plastic trim piece, etc. -
Yes, the trim peels. -
kick panels,door sill, b-post are peeling I don't know how to correct this problem. -
door kick panels, buttons, etc. Car is maticulously maintained and garaged - paint pealing on plastic is not cool. -
kick panels peeling -
all trim pieces are peeling. -
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