BMW 750Li Problem Report

BMW 750Li Various Interior Trim Parts May Peel

(53 reports)

There are reports of various interior trim parts peeling including center console buttons, storage tray buttons, door sill entry covers, b-pillar trims, and kick panels.

Floor kick entry rail peeling. Wish I could find nice metal or other type. -
Several push buttons peeling silver trim on door burled wood cracked. Dealer refused to replace as out of warranty. -
Center console buttons peeled, and now the front change tray button peeling. The only thing to do other than replacing is to peel it completely. Also inner door sills peeling. -
interior trim around doors peeling badly. any suggestions on a quick fix... -
Peeling buttons on ac control -
Back seat peeled near the arm rest. -
A/C button peeling -
Center concole buttons peeling. Center trays entry buttons peeling. Entry door seals peeling -
no known solution -
left it alone -
Interior trim peeling, buttons on trays faded,door trim seal trim also peeling -
Have not fixed the problem. The plastic is peeling off of the trim inside the car and the doors. -
Trim interior door moldings peeling now for two years and I keep this car spot less and I also have a cracked wood on dash on passenger side and it's aways parked in garage and I used a cover when it was out also I have had two comfort access doors go and and not shut and no I do not put anything on them and I bought this while from factory brand new -
Buttons are peeling and the burled wood contains cracks. This has been an issue for years and since around 55k miles -
center console buttons and interior side skirts are peeling. -
trim parts are peeling -
Trims and center console buttons are peeling -
peeling on interior trim and discoloration -
Had this happen on both my 2008 750li and my 2008 BMW 750I and just peeled the rest of the button off and all looks well. -
interior trim peeling also the trim around the exterior of the windows has severe discoloration issues. -
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