Q: vacuum leak need diagram or help on 1996 Dodge Ram 1500

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my 96 dodge ram 4x4 has a vacuum leak somewhere
the air blows from the vents until i accelorate then it shifts to the winshield defroster vents once i let off the gas it switches back to the vents at chest level is there a vacuum system diagrahm for these vehicles ? or what can i check could it be the diaphram that controls the heat and air
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On the right side of the intake there is a vacum check valve that goes bad. You can get them at any dodge dealer. Most of them will know about it because these go bad all the time. My jeep and 97 dodge truck both had to be changed. Now air vents work and my cruise control work on both.
It could be any vacuum line. On an older Dodge I had it was the vacuum actuator at the blend door. But it could be any line, valve, actuator, switch or even the vacuum reservoir. Get yourself a hand vacuum pump and a bunch of different size connectors and start seeing where it holds vacuum and where it doesn't. I know its a tedious process but it works. From an actual diagram, either a dealer or a repair manual.