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Dodge Grand Caravan Underbody Coolant Leak

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Coolant leaks coming from the underbody on vehicles equipped with rear heat/AC are common. The underbody hoses should be inspected as part of regular maintenance. If you drive on roads where salt is prevalent the problem is generally more severe. Some 2005 models are involved in a special service action, no government recall was issued.

the rear heater hoses are leaking on the passenger side of my caravan i looked under an seen the problem. the two hoses that rout down from the fire wall are rusted mid way of the line. so if any one has some kind of solution that can be helpful . thanx -
If you are experiencing coolant leaking from under the body of your caravan, you need to address this, before you lose all your coolant and your stranded and need a tow that will cost a few hundred.... There are coolant pipes that run to the back heater. These pipes will rust out. I believe I paid around $100 for the replacement pipes which are made of stainless steal. They are tricking to install, becaus ethey run from the fire wall down and under the body to the rear heater. Keep an eye out for this, it is only a matter of time.... -
Coolant leaks coming from the underbody on vehicles equipped with rear heat/AC . it is definitely coolant. how do you replace these coolant lines? -
metal tubes rotted at bracket. Cut out bad area and extended rubber hose -
The passenger side of my van gets extremely soaked after it rains or after running the A/C? It seems to be a more common problem the more I reaserch. -
For several years now I smell hot coolant and several mechanics cannot find a leak. Coolant level does go down which confirms a leak and jives with the hot coolant smell. Noticed the metal pipe connected to the lower radiator hose is very rusted and corroded. Will look more into this area for the leak. -
my car coolant is constantly loosing fluid changed hoses and clap but still loosing a little , say coolant line under right hand passenger door leaking coolant metal line corroded and wet also dripping about 1 drop per minute engine off . Chrysler or doge should replace these line w/ stainless steel or aluminium also the water pump inlet tube is also rusted and will eventuall fail . -
pipes were pitted just before the aluminum heater hose. losing coolant once the temperature rises. waiting to be fix. -
leaking coolant from faulty water pump, heat does not work, waiting for more trustworthy diagnosis, 605$ price break the bank -
Rear heater pipes rusted out. Dealer replaced for $300. -
I have lost coolant but didn't see where it was leaking. I had little heat from the heater. I added coolant and I now see a pool of fluid under the passenger side. -
leaking from front passenger side from hose -
Lost internal heat found leaks in lines under body -
Leaking from the rear heating line. Dodge has a recall only for 2004-2005 models to replace with aluminium lines. Cost $600 to replace the all rear line system. -
car overheated & had to be towed to dealership. rear heater hoses required replacement, as well as thermostat. As I told vehicle was ready, I picked vehicle up on Sat. (today) and now they tell us new problem detected during test drive, vibration. Dealer advised us 4 motor mounts are broken and need to be replaced. Drove home and note severe vibration, will not drive again until fixed. Why when it was brought to dealer was their no vibration. Now we have 4 broken motor mounts which will cost $1200 plus to repair? -
When I add coolant it leaks from the reservoir -
Today I noticed a small drip begin. It is this part that I am reading about. It happened on a day when it was -25. Thankfully it was not a large leak, and was caught early. I do live in an area that uses road salt in the winter. It will be repaired by a friend who know ls how to do car repairs. It is the metal hose that runs under the van. -
Had to have it repaired, serious leak under van, cooling was never working correct -
I am losing coolant and can not find the leak and my heater is not working. I have replaced the aluminum heater lines that run along the firewall because they were rusted out. Now I am not losing as much coolant but I still have to add collant but its about every 2-3 days rather than daily. -
Started noticing the exhaust pipe just after the cat was heavily saturated. After further inspection I noticed it was a leak coming from the lines mounted above it (Rear heat/ac lines) The liquid is definitelly coolant. I have not repaired the problem just yet but will within the next week or so due to the fact that I am slowly but surely losing coolant and it is rusting the exhaust pipe rapidly. -
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