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Underbody Coolant Leak on Dodge Grand Caravan

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Coolant leaks coming from the underbody on vehicles equipped with rear heat/AC are common. The underbody hoses should be inspected as part of regular maintenance. If you drive on roads where salt is prevalent the problem is generally more severe. Some 2005 models are involved in a special service action, no government recall was issued.

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Average mileage: 119,752 (14,500–300,000)
17 model years affected: 1994, 1996, 1997, 1999, more2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013
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the rear heater hoses are leaking on the passenger side of my caravan i looked under an seen the problem. the two hoses that rout down from the fire wall are rusted mid way of the line. so if any one has some kind of solution that can be helpful . thanx
Coolant leaks coming from the underbody on vehicles equipped with rear heat/AC . it is definitely coolant. how do you replace these coolant lines?
Hi my water is leaking in the back of my 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan underneath in the back while in park, and after using the air conditioner, what's going on, Thank You Robin Keys
If you are experiencing coolant leaking from under the body of your caravan, you need to address this, before you lose all your coolant and your stranded and need a tow that will cost a few hundred.... There are coolant pipes that run to the back heater. These pipes will rust out. I believe I paid around $100 for the replacement pipes which are made of stainless steal. They are tricking to install, becaus ethey run from the fire wall down and under the body to the rear heater. Keep an eye out for this, it is only a matter of time....
I have lost coolant but didn't see where it was leaking. I had little heat from the heater. I added coolant and I now see a pool of fluid under the passenger side.
The passenger side of my van gets extremely soaked after it rains or after running the A/C? It seems to be a more common problem the more I reaserch.
For several years now I smell hot coolant and several mechanics cannot find a leak. Coolant level does go down which confirms a leak and jives with the hot coolant smell. Noticed the metal pipe connected to the lower radiator hose is very rusted and corroded. Will look more into this area for the leak.
Loosing coolant constantly. Noticed a leak dripping down from near the middle of the car on the passenger side running back toward the right rear wheel area.
No leaks in radiator or engine compartment. Suggestions that I have is that the rear heater tube is probably rusted. Self repair possible if you can get to it. Repair is to cut away metal tube in the affected areas and replace with a rubber hose. Not repaired as of this time.
About a 2 months ago i had to pull over because my truck started over heating the mechanic at the gas station came out to check it for me and my hose that euns from front to back was leaking. I made it home and had a friend check it out there q as a tiny hole so he fixed it a somehow. Well about 3 weeks ago i put 1500 miles on it going to NY and back now im loosing antifreeze 2 going on 3 containers. I noticed its leaking from the rear, w as wondering what the name of the peice is and if its covered under the recall
my car coolant is constantly loosing fluid changed hoses and clap but still loosing a little , say coolant line under right hand passenger door leaking coolant metal line corroded and wet also dripping about 1 drop per minute engine off .

Chrysler or doge should replace these line w/ stainless steel or aluminium also the water pump inlet tube
is also rusted and will eventuall fail .
leaking coolant from faulty water pump, heat does not work, waiting for more trustworthy diagnosis, 605$ price break the bank
Leaking from the rear heating line. Dodge has a recall only for 2004-2005 models to replace with aluminium lines. Cost $600 to replace the all rear line system.
noticed coolant leaking from passenger side rear front of back tire. crawled underneath and it was coming from rubber hose connected area. need to tighten the pinch clamp but it was hard to reach. still trying to tighten it and correct the problem
pipes were pitted just before the aluminum heater hose. losing coolant once the temperature rises. waiting to be fix.
coolant leaking from rear passenger side of vehicle. This van has stow and go seating. I can find nothing on this problem or the fix. Only vans w/o stow and go.What is probable trouble? Do I need to see a repair shop ?