Turns over, won't start, has 12 v to blk/ylw wire on 1997 Acura CL

Turns over, won't start. Changed coil, main relay, checked fuel pump. Has 12 volts from distributor to blk/ylw wire???????23455

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Does it have good spark at the plugs. Is the theft icon flashing which is a green key in the cluster ( this means that the theft system has a problem ). Is there injector pulse? If there is no injector pulse and no spark, then the crank sensor needs to be inspected. These are a few of the basic checks. Does it have fuel pressure? If the car has spark, try spraying some carb cleaner in a vacuum port in the intake and see if the car fires up at all. BE CAREFUL . Don't spray and Crank at the same time. Spray some in side the manifold and THEN crank it while you are away from the engine and put the carb cleaner can away from the engine on the ground.
Mine had the same issue. Car had spark and fuel but wouldn't fire. Turns out the climate control had a short that burnt out a temp sensor on the engine making the computer think that it was overheating when it was below freezing outside. Wonderful little Thanksgiving weekend that was...
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Just went through same problem and was told to change my ignition switch