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Turbocharger May Fail on Mazda CX-7

Problem Description and Possible Solution

A lack of power may develop due to a failed turbocharger. Failed turbochargers will require replacement to restore engine power.

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Mazda CX-7 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 87,099 (15,500–173,000)
Engine affected: 2.3L 4 Cylinder Turbo
5 model years affected: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, more2011
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This is the second turbocharger that has failed in my 2007 CX 7. The dealership was quick to write off the initial failure due to inadequet maintenence, ie..."engine sludge." White smoke would pour from the tailpipes so I contacted my local Mazda dealer. They couldn't duplicate the problem and told me there was engine sludge build-up from improper oil changes, which I informed them was BS. I had them change the oil to full synthetic, at a cost of around $100 only to have the same problem within days of leaving the dealership. I contacted them again and they informed me to bring it back. Apparently, a different Mazda tech worked on the car from only a few weeks earlier. Guess what? His diagnosis was that "it is evident that the oil hadn't been changed in a long time, therefore the issue was once again improper maintenence." Needless to say the service rep didn't know what to say because we just had the oil changed, by them, only 3 weeks earlier. However, once again, they couldn't produce the "white smoke" I brought it in for. This time they changed the oil, without my knowledge, yet submitted a bill to me upon my arrival. I refused to pay it and told them to drain the new oil out and put the old, 3 week oil, back in. Obviously they couldn't do that and they waived the charge. Third times a charm, and within day......"white smoke!" When I took it back to them this time I didn't leave until the mysterious white smoke appeared. Finally, they admitted there was an issue with oil leakage into the turbo and they repaired it under warranty. 22,000 miles and 24 months later I got in the car to take my daughter to school only to have the car not accelerate, with a loud whinning noise. I knew immediately what the issue was! After doing a little online research there is no doubt this "new"...."second" turbocharger went bad! I have left 2 messages now for the Mazda service rep to call me back and I'm still waiting! I'm almost certain they will tell me again the problem is from my negligence due to engine sludge build-up! How can Mazda get away with this when the problem is so prevelent nationwide? I will update this post after I speak with them again.
Just bought this used, certified. No issues showed up on the CarFax so I felt I could drive this for at least another 3-4 yrs. BAD decision. Turbo went out less than 2 months after purchase. Was driving when car seemed sluggish and having problems accelerating. Was just getting ready to pull into a parking lot to check out things when I noticed a huge trail of smoke coming front my exhaust. It was so bad that people were pulling over to help me, thinking the car was on fire. That was enough to scare the crap out of me and get out of this car. After doing more in-depth research on this year and model, I am appalled at all the other stories of the same thing happening...and that Mazda has not stepped up. I will take a loss on this but it's better than dealing with a completely unreliable, unsafe Lemon like the 2007 CX7. I've had 2 Mazda's in the past which is why I went with the CX 7...never ever again Mazda.
My turbo has just gone out for the third time. The first occurred around 65,000 miles. The second occurred around 85,000 miles. And today I am at 103,000. Of course the dealership feels that I must pay, yet again, to repair it. I say stick it up your hind end, I'm getting a lawyer!
Despite being very meticulous about regular oil changes, white smoke started to come out of the tail pipes of my Mazda 2010 CX7. You could tell oil is being burned up. I just left the dealer and as of the writing of this entry, I don't know how much they will charge me since I am out of warranty. But I found out this website:
Apparently, everyone is having this issue. Let's sue Mazda!
detailed description of your problem: turbocharger failed
the diagnosis : impeller came apart, mazda refused to cover any of the repair
how it will be fixed: last mazda i will ever buy or recommend
I bought my Mazda certified May 2011 and also purchased an extended warranty for 84 months or 100.000 2 1/2 years ago from Mazda of Manchester Oakland Street CT. It had been running great until 6 months ago when I noticed puff white smoke expelled from the exhaust. Just recently the car really started to BLOW white smoke so i made an appointment with the dealership, I was just notified that the turbo/engine have failed, also that there was a heavy SLUDGE build up causing the engine turbo to fail. The dealership(service manager) stated that the cost would be $10.300.00 to have my car fixed.We asked David the service manager if he call the extended warranty company and he gave me a evasive answer ... like he's not sure, didn't have time, his day off,,blah blah blah. We called the Insurance company to see if the policy we purchased would cover the repairs (Zurich Insurance company) Comprehensive policy. they were most helpful stating that the dealership needs to put in a claim. another call to David to ask if he called the dealership and he said again that he was working on the problem mind you that the dealership has had my car for 10 days with no work being done on it....In checking with the extended warranty policy we do believe that both repairs are covered. We will make a call to our attorney to see what recourse we have..another bit of info we found out is that all Mazda dealerships have been notified of turbo's failing, of course they are not passing this info along to the customer hence trying to get money of the customers..I am OUT RAGED that being a loyal customer, Mazda would not do there best to help with this problem, I will in fact take my business/ $$$ 10.300.00 elsewhere!!!!! and for all others with this same problem ,I say NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN,,,, ZOOM ZOOM yourself MAZDA.
Last week the turbocharger started making a high pitched whine when accelerating. I took it to Mazda today and they told me it needed to be replaced. Vehicle has been correctly maintained.
I'm having the EXACT same problem. I was on a trip, 300 miles from home, when the "loud whining sound" started, and the engine lost power. I had significant clouds of smoke coming from the tailpipes intermittently also.
Had to have it towed to the dealership, and their first response was "sludge in the engine, improper oil changes." I had just had my oil changed 3 weeks previously! So now I am waiting to find out if my extended warranty is going to cover the service or not, based on "improper oil changes."
This sounds like I am only just copying the recent post, but this is all quite true! Mazda needs to take ownership of this and take action!
I bought the car in Florida in 2011 and was told there was only one owner, and it was in good condition. Upon my "white smoke" problem that recently occurred, I was told by my local Mazda dealer that the first turbocharger went out in 2009 (according to reports). And that this one last four years, so that's "pretty good". WHAT?!?! This is obviously a problem with MAZDA cars, yet no recall was ever issued. This is obviously an issue that Mazda needs to address. Now the dealership is telling me it's okay to drive and the turbocharger will burn out, and make a loud whining noise... I don't feel comfortable with losing VALUE on my car.
This may not be a first time problem. Purchased second hand. Left me stranded in the middle of nowhere with two dogs, luggage, and no means of support. Lost power, loud whining sound and white smoke. Classic turbocharger failure and from what I have read, a vast number of CX-7 owners have experienced this same problem. Mazda needs to step up on this or face a class action lawsuit.
Noticed a lack of acceleration. Inspection revealed "failed turbocharger". Was told it needed replacing(up to $2400). Stay tuned...
I have the same issue. Mazda was very quick to say "Sludge". I had the vehicle at the dealer in December 2012, well under warranty, for repairing the timing change and cleaning the turbo tube. At that time, the dealer knew there was a problem with the turbo but didn't fix it. Now they say that the warranty is out and they want to charge me 150 to look to see if there is "Sludge" which we know they will find since this is their response for everything. Also, when I had the cx-7 in for a repair of the nav screen they failed to put the cd player back together properly. This is my 4th Mazda and also MY LAST!!!
I bought this car 3 months ago- the turbo went out on me. Same as everyone else said...loud whinning noise, loss of power in acceleration, only went 40 mph in 6th speed. $2500-$4500 to repair, depending on if timing chain is bad too- car is in shop as I type this. I owe $13000 on this car- I wanted wash my hands of it and trade it in, but they'd only give me $2200 for my car. I can't take that big of a loss so I am stuck fixing this. I'm scared to death because it looks like a lot of people are saying once it fails, it goes out again. I can't afford this!
Bought this car 2 years ago used but seemed to be in great condition an i was extremely excited. 4 months later i noticed an oil leak which turned out to be a $500.00 PART and was an issue mazda knew about with this model but will do nothing about it. A year later my car started having problems accelerating and a loud clanking noise came from the engine white smoke in tale pipe. I did some resurch and found out its the turbocharger. I havent replaced it yet till after ive weighed my options out because it seems im going to have more issues after an thats replacing the engine while mazda knows about these issues but will not address them. Do not buy this car!!!!
Turbo fail. Mazda dealership claimed poor maintenance and sludge. Investigated web only to see that this is really a poor design or manufacturing fault. Mazda wanted $5,500 for new turbo and $4-5K to fit it. Bugger that!
Bought a new genuine turbo online for $450 and local mechanic fixed with a tech teacher mate for $1300.
TT reviewed part and problem and confirmed part problem and that it was likely to happen again.
Mechanic said that now he knew how and what was involved that he could do it for a couple of hundred next time.
Mazda certainly not doing themselve any favours. Had the same issue with the timing chain, bye the bye.
Our 2008 Mazda CX-7 was purchased used at 45,000 miles from Mazda. The car was fun to drive and great in the snow, but be aware that if the motor has a mild diesel-sound (clack, clack, clack, clack) it is due to the timing becoming an issue. After changing the timing belt and actuator, it will sound normal for about 30K miles, then the sound comes back. Over the life of the car, we replaced the timing belt twice, the drive shaft, a flooded engine cylinder, wheel bearings, transfer case leak (2 times), and it burned up to a quart of oil per week when the turbo started to fail. This car should be avoided at all costs, it only lasted for 6 years and was traded in just before it became a total loss. Beware of the issues and get out of it if you happen to own one.
I took my CX 7 in for a routine oil change. (Oil change service done every three months) I was told at that time that my turbo was leaking bad and would need to be replaced as soon as possible. Was given an estimate of $2200.00. Which at the time just having had major surgery could not pay that amount. My service advisor and her supervisor went to bat for with Mazda corporate and the turbo was replaced at no charge. In talking with a couple of mechanics they said that with my low mileage and service record there was no reason for my turbo to go out. This is the first and so far only major issue I have had with my CX 7 but I am thinking I may need to trade in.