Q: Turbo Replacement on 2004 Audi A6 Quattro

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I started my car one morning and I saw exhaust smoke and the car started jerking (the smoke looked blue). I turned it off, then tried to restart and it would not. The dealer started it up with no problem and no codes showed when they did a diagnostic. Upon driving the vehicle they said I need new turbos. I have not had any oil changes in the past two years but have just added oil whcn the oil light came on. The dealer said that there was no oil leak a few months ago. Is there a possiblity that there could be another problem?
(2) Answers
Avoiding changing the oil for 2 years, really? Yes, there can very well be another problem, maybe the engine is failing too. Sorry to be harsh but this is what you get when you don't properly maintain your vehicle.
O M G ! you only put oil in "after" the oil light came on? in a bi-turbo motor? hope it was synthetic and not shoprite brand. but seriously, pull off the intercooler hoses to see if oil just "pours" out. if it does, your motor is comin' out for turbos (which must be replaced in pairs). have the whole engine/car condition gone over before dumping this kind of money.