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Q: Trying to overheat. on 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan

I stopped several months ago and after termination of the ignition the radiator blew. We replaced the radiator (and its acc.) replaced thermostat, rewired the relay for the fan and it still is giving cooling issues. In the winter it does not heat inside the van properly and in the summer it does not cool the engine properly. A/c still works but worsens the issue. The thermostat opens and radiator fan comes on accurately but the gauge still rises. I never let it rise enough to truly overheat. I have a water pump on hand, but I hear the current one working. Heater core or second fan wiring or relay or what???
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It sounds like your coolant is not circulating through the engine and heater core properly, so yo need to resolve that ASAP. Does the vehicle leak coolant at all, if find and fix the leak.
You NEED all the cooling fans to runs properly. so, really them don't just patch them.
You should be able to run the vehicle ( A/C OFF ) with the radiator cap off and the cooling fans should be able to cycle on and off, with out the radiator shooting water all over the place, this is the good test for proper cooling system operation.
I hope that you did not over heat your motor. Is the oil clear or does it look milky like a possible head gasket issue?
Thanks dandd. The oil looks normal and I have looked for leaks with while using a pressure tester, which lead me back to maybe a bad censor, relay or heater core. My thinking is that since this issue affects the heating in the winter and the a/c worsens the situation... Could it be a bad censor or the heater core? I have not had much experience with either aside of knowing that the heater core is relatively inexpensive but extremely difficult to get to.
you hear the water pump working??? never heard that before. you may have many problems now that has been happening over a long period. you need to take it to a shop and let them diag it properly to determine your issues.

You can hear most any component with internal pieces by using a wood broom stick or crowbar. You place one end on the component and the other to your ear. So yes, I can hear it. What ever the problem is it is now isolated to the three items I mentioned previously (according to the repair shops) but not sure witch economical direction to proceed toward.
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