Q: trunk issues on 1992 Buick Park Avenue

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The trunk will not close all the way. The automatic part is not working. The lid remains open about 1/2 inch. How do I close it? Is there a motor on the trunk lid that need replacing? If so, what can I expect to pay? I know the fuse is good. Any ideas and help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
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Yes there is a trunk lock motor mechanism. It takes about an hour to replace but I am not sure if GM still makes the part, I don't see it listed.
Before you replace the parts, it is best to do some electrical inspection of the components.

here is site where you can get the wring diagram for testing
you dont NEED to replace the motor, cuz it"ll be more $ than you need to put into the car. hook the actuator wires up to a battery to provide power to lower the latch into the completely closed position (permanently), and leave the lead disconnected from the car. Then just close it like a regular non-powered trunk lid. your power and remote release will still function like normal. It's just something that goes out on these cars on a routine basis.
Nonsense, a motor replacement can be done by you. Go to a professional auto parts
store that services Mechanics and you can get a new Delco motor for a bit less than $50.00. Install it by yourself. Do this after you have tried all testing.
Low battery or bad closer go to the nearly pull a part get trunk closer off any GM car for about 10 dollar.