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Transmission was slipping on Mazda Mazda6

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My AT light came on and wouldn't shift out of second gear, and before this happened was shifting real hard from third gear into fourth gear. Shut off car sent to drive and light is out and shifting agai . Do I need a new tranny or wut!?
My AT light and battery light is on automatic transmission is slipping first and second gear what do I do
Car starts and goes from drive to 3rd gear battery light comes on and reverse works. Doesn't heat up well lately until ran a few minutes. Transmission has a big Jerk when starting off.
shifts out of gear mostly from 4th or 5th gear into neutral sporadically
I have the 3.7 V6, and have noticed that the car slips and jerks when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. It only does it under medium acceleration, not light like a old lady, or when I've got it pedal to the metal, just she like trying to pull out onto a road with a high speed limit and you need to get moving somewhat quickly. I love the car's power, but I'm definitely worried about its long term reliability!
Transmission slipping when decelerating or accelerating, usually between 4 and 5th gear
I just bought the car and decided to drive to San Diego. The axel broke it was replaced and after I got home I started noticing that it was not smoothly shifting from 1st to second gear. As long as I didn't gun it it was fine and it drove smoothly once out of 1st,2nd gear. Then last week I was driving home from work and the "AT" automatic transaxle light came on. I stopped, turned off the car and it went away. The next day I was driving home and the light came on again. I did the same thing but this time the check engine and AT light stayed on. Also, I noticed that it began struggling getting from 2nd to 3rd gear. Immediately took it in but am still waiting on a verdict. Im fairly confident I bought a lemon.
It seems to not go into gear sometimes. I just floored it to get out on a highway and it didn't even accelerate and I was almost hit by a truck. Jesus
My car has had transmission problems since about 90,000 miles. Had it worked on twice and have had the engine rebuilt and STILL have tranny problems. Right now, my AT light and check engine light are on, before it was just slipping, now it wont shift out of second.
At light came on and now slipping intro 3rd gear. 4th gear and up disabled. Obd says solenoid d stuck off......
The transmission is slipping off and on between 4-5-6th gears. The engine is the 2006 v6 3.0. I wish that Mazda would Admit that this is a crap design and make something better.
It's just started sliping in 3rd or 4th gear. This only happens when I take off fast in traffic. When I stop and put it in part, and start over its fine. Not sure what the problem may be, but this has just started.
when engine is warm only, Shift shock/slipping on 6 speed automatic transmission 5 to 4 downshift , only when revs above 2500RPM.