Ford Contour Problem Report

Ford Contour Transmission Problems Common Due to Front Pump Failure

(11 reports)

Transmission problems are common in this model, often as a result of a failed front pump. The pump loses its ability to create hydraulic pressure, which an automatic transmission needs to function. A sign of front pump failure can be a whine type noise.

wont shift into drive at the drive position it seems as though it wants to go only in low but doesnt want to shift into drive unless a low speed is achieved and then can shift manually -
Transmissions failure first smelled gas change pump then slipping and thing started now won't move at all -
Driving down the freeway at 65 mph, I began smelling transmission fluid. I assume as it dripped on my exhaust while being blown under my car from ?. A huge "white, thick cloud" of what I assumed was trans fluid burning off the exhaust, was trailing me & slowing traffic quickly behind me. I pulled off fwy, checked the fluid (down 1 qt at this time). Replaced the fluid, let the car cool for an hour or two(temp was higher than it usually runs). I drove it home (approx. 40miles) with it smoking twice when accelerating up a small incline or pulling onto the freeway. The next day it did not shift well and took it to AAMCO down the road from us. Why a warning light for the transmission is not installed on vehicles is beyond my understanding. Before this happened it was a strong running vehicle. $2600 later (that I still owe to my mother)I was back on the road. Until now...I was not sure where the white smoke had come from...exhaust pipes or undercarriage. 8 mos later, my car is having troubles again. Feels as if it lost compression, however, 2 of 4 plugs were caked with carbon. Working on major tune up now...will let you know! Is there a recall from Ford on this transmission pump problem? There should be! -
transmission hasnt failed yet, but does back up slow. course i think i caused it by getting stuck in a snowed over drive. but it does have high hum but only seems to when its really cold out so far and only when im not accelerating. -
Transmision fail -
Whining noise when we first bought it and -
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