Q: trailer lights on 1997 Dodge Intrepid

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There is a small box hooked to the car wiring and the other side the trailer wires. Both sides have a yellow, green, brown, and white wires the only difference is a red wire for the brakes. My problem is if I put the right blinker on and I use a test light to check both right and left blinkers blink. Same when I use the right. Any clue to where I should start?? Thank You.
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The colors of wires and junction you describe is a generic American trailer wiring accessory not a Dodge wiring component. For a decent wiring diagram, Autozone have some popular workshop manuals for free on line once you register (for free) on their website
and get an online repair manual subscription. Alldata is a good source for information. The information is year make and model specific repair procedures, service bulletins, component locations, wiring diagrams ect.... Alldata is very easy to navigate
I found this image on line,r:13,s:17&biw=1280&bih=637
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