Q: Tow Haul on 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

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I pushed my Tow Haul button on the gear shifter and the light would not illuminate on the instrument cluster. Where should I start trouble shooting this problem.
(3) Answers
There is an orange wire on the bottom of the steering column. Take the bottom plastic off and you'll see the wire coming from the shifter. It's probably broke. Splice and it's fixed...
Orange wire probably broke. Pull the "Tilt tab" straight out and pop off the lower steering column cover. Splice the wire (there are actually two) and thank Chevy for a great design.
Get a wiring diagram and repair manual, follow the troubleshooting info for this system if available. If it doesn't have this info, use the wiring diagram as your guide to diagnosing the problem.
You can get an online subscription to excellent repair information here:
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