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Q: Tire wear and headlights on 2006 Audi A4 Quattro

I purchased the vehicle new and have never been able to get over 10,000 miles out of a set. The tires end up cupping. I rotate the tires every 5,000 and have had the alinment done and it has been found to be with in tolerances. Also my head lights will droop and when i turn them off and then back on they will be fine until they decide to droop again. I just had it to the dealer for a cam shaft replacement due to the fuel pump which was a suprise and had them check the lights. They said they couldn't find a problem. I have 115,000 miles on the car.
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With that Turbo and if you drive in a sporting style, you can toast even a set of Michelins in 10k or less. If they are Pirellis or Bridgfestone, even less. So, how much of a 'Sport' driver are you honestly? My girl friend has a Turbo just like yours and she gets about 40k out of her Michelins, but she does not 'hang it out'; on the corners so to speak.
The Audis have Head Light Issues, not a very reliable system.
Don't know what to say about the cam shaft, fuel pump is in the gas tank , not sure how that ruined a cam shaft?
You don't know Audi's very well.
The 2.0t fsi uses a high pressure fuel pump with a piston that's driven by a cam lobe. These pistons cause the cam/cam follower in that cylinder to become excessively worn at a highly premature mileage. It's a bad design that's since been changed when they went to the TSI engine.

Your headlight issue is most likely related to the headlight range leveling sensors that are mounted on the D/S front, and D/S rear control arms. These sensors tell the headlights what pitch the car is sitting at so it can correct the xenon headlight range to not blind people. Contrary to what the above poster said it's generally a very reliable system. Most likely you've hit something in the road which damaged or disconnected the sensor from the mounting point causing the headiights to be misaligned.
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