Q: timing 2.5 mazda on 1995 Mazda Millenia

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I have a 2.5 mazda millinia Im trying to put timing belt on.I see crank shaft mark on rear plate,I see marks on cam pulleys but I don't see marks on heads I don't have valve covers off, could marks be under covers.Also I under stand this is a noninterference engine.When I turn crank shaft to top dead center it appears to hit when I get within quarter from mark on crank.Does this engine bend the valves if its out of time.Can Someone explain how to set timing on this engine
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If you look from the front of the engine, there are little pointers cast into the heads under where the valve covers join the heads. There's a little dimple on the front of each sprocket. Line those all up, with the crankshaft on the #1 Top Dead Center (TDC) mark just above the crankshaft sprocket. The camshaft sprockets are mated to the camshafts, if you remove them, be sure that they go with the the correct camshafts, don't mix them up.
I believe this engine to be non-interference between the pistons and the valves, but that doesn't mean that the valves couldn't hit each other.
I recommend removing a timing belt with the engine on TDC, and don't rotate the crank during the job until you're tensioning the belt. Don't remove the belt without rotating the engine to TDC before disassembly, noting the timing marks, then you never have a problem. If the belt broke, then I con understand having the engine out of time.
The complete instructions are available at Sign up its free and put in your vehicles info and choose repair guide, then engine then timing and once your on the correct page scroll down about 2/3rds of the way down and complete info is there for your 2.5 Mazda
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