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Toyota Tundra Ticking Noise From Exhaust Manifold

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The V8 models can experience exhaust manifold failures. A leaking exhaust manifold will sound like an exhaust leak or an audible ticking noise from the engine compartment and will be especially pronounced when the engine is still cold.

Crap Manifolds! MAKE A RECALL TOYOTA! -
I have been experiencing leaking sound, very similar to the sound a a diesel truck makes upon acceleration , it gets louder when accelerating and really bad if towing. how can i get this correctly diagnosed -
Driver side exhaust manifold had a hair line crack in it.I removed the manifold and welded up the crack myself.I did the whole job in two hours. -
just started ticking. sounds like it is coming apart when it is cold. goes away when it warms up. Toyota should have a recall on them if they any kind of company and wants to keep their customers -
warped exhaust manifold toyota refuses to replace -
The air injection pump when bad on my 2007 Tundra with the 5.7 V8 at around 40,000 miles in January 2012. When I got my truck back, I noticed there was a noise similar to an exhaust leak coming from the engine compartment. I took it back the next week and the mechanics said they could hear it but did not know what it was. They said there was nothing they could do about it. Two weeks later I was still not satisified and took it back. The service manager rode with my wife and said he could not hear anything and the noise was normal. December 1, 2012 I took my truck in to a different dealer for the recall on the driver side power window control unit and had them check out the noise. Well, it turns out there is a crack in the driver side manifold next to where the air injection pump tubing ties-in. I am 3 months past the 5 yr., 60,000 mile warranty but only have 56,000 miles on my truck. The dealership told me to take it back to the original dealership to have them request an out of warranty repair from Toyota. We will see what happens. I wonder if this is covered by the emissions warranty? -
very very loud ticking noise, i can hear over the radio......dealership never ever hears it. I hate my new 2012 tundra -
I am also experiencing this problem after changing timing belt and water pump. It also is idling rough. My check engine light cams on though...did anyone else's? -
we bought truck new in 2000. it started ticking around 28000. we told dealership and they stated all of the trucks do it. then our warranty ran out and truck has 160,000 miles on it ticking loudly down the road. worse when cold, worse when towing, but does it always. -
Loud tapping that sounds like old valve adjustment needed but goes away in 2 - 3 minutes when it warms up. I haven't found the cause. I'm wanting to know where are the exhaust manifolds cracking so I can check it out. -
I have had this truck in three times for the same problem so far. Nothing fixed. Ticking keeps getting louder and louder. It has lost alot of it's power since the ticking started. I think sometimes I will have to get out and push it when going up a hill. The mechanic says it sounds like the manifold has a leak, but it would take too much time to fix it. I'm thinking he doesn;t know how to fix it. This truck is a piece of junk. The heater doesn't work either. Toyota needs to take their assembly plants back to Japan and use only parts made in Japan. This Tundra is the 5.7 L V-8 Double Cab. I bought it new in 2008. It has 38,000 miles. -
same as the rest dont know if i'll buy another toyota product again -
warped exhaust manifold toyota refuses to replace -
I had the ticking noise when cold and when accelerating. Toyota confirmed a passenger side warped manifold flange. They want $1,200 to repair it. -
Defective manifolds,replaced under extended warranty. -
I have the ticking sound and have been told that the manifold is cracked the cost for each manifold is around $600.00 from a dealer. -
manifold leak. Have had gasket replaced 3 times both sides and still leaks. -
Same as everyone else truck sounds like a pile of shit. -
My truck has had an exhaust leak for as long a I have owned it. It comes from the header on the passenger side. I have made attempts to fix it. At one time I took the header to an exhaust specialist to have it re-welded. This helped, but the noise continues. -
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