Exhaust Manifold

The exhaust manifold collects the exhaust gas from each cylinder head and routes it through the rest of the exhaust system.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Exhaust Manifold

  • Ticking type noise, most noticeable when the engine is cold
  • Unusual smell from exhaust
  • Check Engine Light may come on
  • Vehicle may fail an emissions test

Exhaust Manifold Related Repair Advice

  • An exhaust leak can cause incorrect readings from the oxygen sensor and should be repaired before replacing any other parts related to an incorrect fuel mixture
  • When replacing the exhaust manifold gaskets, new bolts, studs, and gaskets should be used
  • We do not recommend resurfacing a warped exhaust manifold, as the manifold will be prone to warping and cracking
  • Failure of the exhaust system may cause exhaust gases to enter the passenger compartment. The exhaust gases contain carbon monoxide (CO), which can cause drowsiness and death.

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