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Q: three different indicator lamps on 2004 Dodge Sprinter 2500

Three different indicator lamps lit up today. I beleive all three have to do with the breaks. ABS, 'little tire' Acceleration skid control. and ESP. I relplaced the rear break light bulbs yesterday both were burnt out. Could this be related? What is all three of these indicator lamps indicating specificly?
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I have been having this happen irratically on my 2008 since new (1 year ago) Usually after stopping at a traffic light, when taking off, the van will be in limp mode with ESP, traction control, and the CEL all lit up. Turning off and restarting would kill the ESP and traction control light, and driving 40-50 miles would clear the CEL. Dealer could not find the problem, said only code was something relating to trailer tow harness. Now however the same lights come on now when I hit a hard bump, as if there is something electrical somewhere not connected tight. I would really like to know where to check to resolve this issue if anyone has ideas.
Chage the brake switch located behind the brake petal. Cost should be 25.00 for part.
I know this is to easy, but I had the same problem. I have 2006 2500 Sprinter all Lights came on as you described and after 2 hours of pulling my hair out it was a simple fuse under steering column make sure you check thouroughly because first ime I went through them I missed it .... :) Good luck and thank me later .... PS I also read on another forum that it was the Brake sensor switch under pedal .... during the two hours I replaced that and It wasn't it ... Thats when I started over and found BAD FUSE
THANK YOU ,THANK YOU,Mine is a Freight liner ,3500. the rolling wheel that is the ASR circuit failed as I had parked and could not shift out of park.It Was the 10 AMP fuse on the steering wheel column marked BRAKE LIGHTS. Thanks Bob Vacaville,Ca.
I unknowingly blew out the 10 amp brake fuse located under the steering column while attempting to fix a faulty upper, rear brake light on my 2006 2500 Dodge Sprinter. When I attempted to start the van the ABS, ESP lights, and tire traction icon on the dash were all lit up and I was stuck in park! After finding this website and the above quoted answer I checked my fuses and sure enough all it was was a BAD FUSE!. Now I'm back in business with a little less hectic week ahead of me.
I had this problem several months ago and it turned out to be the brake light switch located behind the brake pedal. The high mount brake light in rear was not working and still would not work after bulb replacement . For some reason changing out the
brake light switch caused the light to go on and took care of the dash lights also.
I've got the same problem. Is it possible that the brake light switch is causing that if brake lights work?
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Sorry I am not familiar with the Dodge Sprinter but brake light switch input is necessary for the brake lights to work (I know you just replaced the brake light bulbs but do the brake lights now work?).
Brake Light switch input is also a key input to Anti lock brakes ans traction control. ABS wheel speed sensors and even brake fluid level are even inputs to these modules.
It souns like the brake light switch. or if the front wheels hit a curb or the toe in is off If the steering wheeel is not level the strreing position sensor out of calibration will also set all 3 of those lights if you cylle the key thay will go off for a short time but come back on. If the steering wheel is level replace the brake light switch. I have a fleet bof 20+ sprinters and have changed mant brake lamp switches.
I am having the same problem with my 2006 Dodge Sprinter 2500 only my cruise control does not work also.
I am being told that the ABS Module needs to be replaced and the Dealer is the only place to get it and it is $1500. Please help me.
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