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Q: the a/c is not working on 2005 Nissan Maxima

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the a/c is not working.Blowing out warm air. What could the problem be. what are the approx. costs to repair.
Do you hear the air conditioning compressor switch on (with the engine running) when you turn on the air conditioning from inside the car. Get a friend to turn on and off the air conditioning while you listen with the hood open engine running you should hear a clicking sound on and off each time the a/c is cycled on and off or the a/c clutch is not locking up the compressor. This may be due to many things (bad clutch, bad compressor, no power to controls or compressor clutch) but it could be a sign of low charge the system has a low pressure switch which prevents the system from being energized if the system has low refrigerant charge. By protecting itself it prevent catastrophic failure of the compressor and ensuing damage to the rest of the a/c system if the system looses it charge. You will need to have the system checked out by someone experienced in air conditioning work who will attach pressure gauges to your car and see if the refrigerant pressures are OK. If the system has been with out refrigerant for a while the dryer should be replaced as moisture will be in the system. The system should be flushed out to ensure no debris is in the system, the system should then have a vacuum drawn in the system to ensure it has no leaks and the recharged. Air conditioning systems are temperamental to work on and I suppose in the auto repair industry have the highest repair dissatisfaction rate and come backs. , It depends what problem or components are found to be bad and how diligent the person is repairing the system. Costs and estimates as you have probably found out vary widely but will be dependent on the extent of repairs needed, some preliminary tests will need to be done probably expect to pay $150 diagnostic charges to begin with this would allow the to put in some refrigerant to start looking for leaks if the system is low.
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