Q: the 2.5L suzuki dies when it gets warm, what could this be. also hard to start on 2000 Suzuki Grand Vitara

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there is no check engine like on and it has fuel pressure. drives good until it gets warm and miss fires and stalls and wont start
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You need three basic things for the engine to run; spark, fuel, and injector pulse. (I am assuming it does not lose compression when warm). In very basic terms, Spark and injector pulse are both controlled by a crank sensor of some kind, fuel is controlled by the fuel pump. You need to know what the fuel pressure is, not just if it has it, you need to see if the injector rapidly pulses when cranked while testing with a noid light. Then you need to see if the spark will produce 30k, usually about an inch.
Ignition coil or crank sensor would be a common failure.
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