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Q: T&C 2006 idling high on 2006 Chrysler Town & Country

I just changed the plugs and wires on my 2006 T&C 3.3liter because it was sputtering above 3000 rpm (I suspected a misfire). Now the van is idling @ about 1500rpm in park and still above 1000 in gear. The salesman said the plugs were pre-gapped and they all looked fine before I installed. Plus the engine still sputters when I rev to above 3000 RPM.
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I am not very familiar with Chrysler but have worked on a few T&C. Was the idle speed high prior to replacing the spark plugs and wires? If so I wonder if a small vacuum hose has been knocked off and the engine's control computer is compensating. The spark plug gap won't cause the high idle.
Has the Check Engine Light/Service Engine Soon Light come on? If so plugging in a scan tool to the diagnostic socket under the dash may pinpoint the source of the problem quickly. I wonder if disconnecting the battery for five minutes and then reconnecting the battery and allowing the engine to relearn its idle strategy. On both the 3.3L and 3.8L engine the idle speed is electronically controlled by the idle air control motor located on the throttle housing.
Ensure the throttle cable was not disturbed or "tweeked" during the spark plug replacement.
I have exactly the same problem with my 3.8L T&C. I felt a bit of hesitation when driving the car which I only do once in a while because it's my wife's car. Anyway, when I was in park and brought it to about 3000 rpm it began to sputter and had a hard time going over that at all. When this happened I presumed some sort of cut in a spark plug wire and it was arcing. I changed them all including wires and it still sputters. I disconnected the battery and reconnected it. Not sure if it was exactly 5 minutes but it was still there after doing that. Any other thoughts?
mine does this also. The dealer has replaced sensors, plugs & it still does it, they have no idea what the problem is. It has cost me alot of money and I still have the same problem
I had the same situation today working on my girlfriend's Town and Country. Got a check engine light that the number 3 cylinder was misfireing. As you suggested, I changed the spark plugs,they were worn, and when I started it the car idled high at 1500 rpm's. Too high. The same as you encountered. Also my brakes were extremely hard to depress and to stop the car. Figured I now had a vacuum problem but didn't see any hoses off. I didn't think I disconnected any. I looked at the power assist on the vacuum booster and it looked ok. Wrong. A hose wasn't on the booster. I must have knocked off the hose from the top of the engine to the booster, when I was working on the spark plugs in the back of the engine and didn't realize it. It was off although I couldn't see it, nor did I hear any air leaking. Then I used a flash light and looked closer and saw the connector on the booster was missing a hose. I hooked it up and the idle came right down and the brakes were fine. YES !! By disconnecting the battery as you suggested, the check engine light went off. Thanks for your help.
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