Swollen Lug Nuts on Ford Fusion

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The lug nuts on the Ford Fusion are known to swell to greater than their original size. When these lug nuts swell, the lug nut wrench will no longer fit, so they must be drilled or extracted. 

The lug nuts swell when they have been tightened too tight. To prevent this condition, only tighten the lug nuts with a torque wrench. If changing a flat on the road, the lugs should be loosened and tightened to specification at the earliest opportunity. 

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 69,327,533 (12,850–2,147,483,647)
12 model years affected: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, more2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
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Took my car in for an oil change. Quick Lane (owned by Ford) just called and said the lug nuts were swollen and of course they recommended replacing them... at a cost of $10 to $12 each for a cost of $200 to $240 to replacement. I have owned cars over 40+ years and have never even heard of this kind of 'issue'. If it's due to Ford buying the cheapest parts they can find - probably sourced from over seas - Ford should be paying the repair/replacement costs... not the consumer. This is ridiculous to have this kind of a problem with a car and I'll make sure I check on lug nut issues on the next car (not Ford) that I buy
Had a flat tire and found the tire iron in the truck wouldn't fit the lug nuts. Neither would my tire iron cross. After getting a tow truck, turns out the steel caps are covered by a tin or some other metal exterior and rust grows between the two making the exterior cap 'swell'. This according to the service technician at Ford. I'm scheduled to take the truck in to the dealer next week and have all the lug nuts replaced. Should be a recall...
Took car in for an oil change and tire rotation for service manager came out told me that all my lug nuts were swollen they couldn't get him off without ruining them charge me $133 have you ever heard of this problem I will not buy another Ford I will not take my car back to the dealership to be serviced
Took my 2012 Ford Fusion into the dealership for an oil change and tire rotation, was told the swollen lug nuts we causing corrosion and need replaced. Was given a $280 price tag. I have been a car owner for over 35 Years and have never, ever heard of this. I suspect a design flaw or cheap parts. I cannot believe Ford would endanger it's customers with a part that holds the wheels on the car!!!!
Went to quick lane for rotation of tire and oil change. Transmision leaking and corrosion lug nuts. I was told to take to dealership and should be under warranty. Tranmission was but not lug nuts. Paid big money for extended warranty. Ford Needs to take care of both these issues?
I thought Ford was trying to rip me off. Swollen lug nuts. In all the cars I've owned I've never had this ridiculous problem.
swollen lug nuts on my ford fusion, just like others listed here; about $200 to replace, should be a recall...
I went in to get new tires installed and was told that all of my lug nuts needed to be replaced because there was corrosion between the two parts of the lug nuts. I was also told that I needed to replace the lug nuts before they would rotate my tires. This was at Costco. When I had an oil change at Ford, they said nothing about this problem. And the lug nuts are $11 each. Ridiculous!
took my car for oil change/tire rotation. told that the lug nuts were swollen and would need to be replaced as they were not able to take them off without damaging them. Had lug nuts replaced with a better lug nut that doesn't have the aluminum cover. $75
Not a great impression of the parts on a car I've only owned 5 months!
I also just took my car in for oil change and tire rotation. Just got a call that all of my lug nuts (20) are swollen and need to be replaced at $12 each. That's $240 to replace a defective part? After checking, this seems to be another common problem only to the Fusions.
Was told 7 of my lug nuts were swollen and my choices are to pay to replace or they are unable to rotate tires on my car. Not covered in the premium maintenance package i purchased of course. Seems like this is the issue about every other service appointment.
Went to have tires replaced after buying car from dealership,( they said they rotated before I bought) I have only owned a week. Tire place told me all 20 are bad. Called dealer they said NEVER heard of this problem . I thought I was being had, so I bought tires from dealer. Waiting on car they inform me all 20 are bad! And need to be replaced! Are you kidding me? NOW IM STUCK COVERING THIS COST! They are now saying they never touched the tires... first ford in 22 years and will be my LAST.
Took my 2013 Fusion to Dealer for an Oil Change. Service asked if I would like the tires rotated and I said yes. Got a call telling me all my lug nuts had "swollen" and it would cost $148.00 to fix. They said they could not put them back on so I could not drive off and compare other sources for the parts. Further, when I asked if there was a newer replacement part they said no they had not fixed the faulty part. I complained that it was unreasonable for Ford to expect me to buy parts that would fail again. Very frustrating.
Took the car in for an oil change/tire rotation and was told that the lug nuts needed to be replaced as they were swollen and damaged. The only people that ever changed the tires were Ford dealerships and I told them I thought this was unfair since I'm not the one that damaged them, however they repaired them and I had to pay the bill as they said they were not covered under my bumper to bumper extended warranty.
I was told that all of my lug nuts were swollen and that they did not have a wrench to fit them to get them off, so they could rotate and balance the tires. They said it was due to a poor design and they had just gotten swollen and could break off at any moment. They had to break them off to put the new ones on because they were stripped and no wrench could fit them. $250 later-because they could only find lug nuts directly from ford that would work.
Round 2 replacing the lug nuts, meaning, this is my THIRD set of lug nuts. I replaced all of the lug nuts 30k miles ago, and foresee having this issue AGAIN in the future. Not sure how this is not a responsibility of Ford. There is clearly a recall, and they need to produce new lug nuts, for the given years of the Fusion which are experiencing this issue. Unfortunately, no matter what you do, you will end up having to replace them. If you try to use other lug nuts (that aren't made like crap) they will not work as it does not keep the hub cap on. Meaning, you HAVE to use the lug nuts, from Ford, that will swell again.
Warning light on the dash showed low tire pressure. I pulled over and found the driver's side rear tire nearly on a flat. I removed the tire and Jack assembly from the trunk to change it out. When I tried to loosen the lugs nuts, the tool would not fit!! I called Ford roadside assistance 3 hours ago and I'm still waiting!!!
Between my parents, my brother and I we have owned in excess of 50 cars- I have had General Motors vehicles that I have kept to 250,000 miles. I have never encountered swollen lug nuts until I owned this 2011 Ford Fusion. The Service Manager told me it was a "design defect". 20 lug nuts = $196.00. Labor to replace = $238.95. Total cost = $434.95. Was I ripped off? You tell me what you think?
I went to pull my wheel off after getting a flat. The Ford provided lug wrench/jack combo tool would not fit the lug nuts. I was lucky that the tire would hold air long enough to get to the dealership since I purchased the hazard warranty on the wheels. The dealer said the lugs had swollen. They replaced the five lugs on the repaired tire at that time. The remaining lugs are on back order. Later that evening, I tried the Ford lug wrench on the NEW lugs. It did not fit! Ford will get the bill if I have a flat out on the road and have to call a tow truck.
Went in for oil change, told my lug nuts would need to replaced. He said there was a kit that would replace all of them for $30. I wish it was easier to know whose trying to rip you off or protect you.