2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara Questions

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It just started one or two week ago
now i must step on gas peddle harder to get going.
What do i have take off to remove and i stall my water pump
Everything else works my taillights, brake lights, tag lights turn signal inside lights park lights. I just don't have dash lights and my headlight won't work on dim just on bright. So I know its not my fuse. What else could it be? I know I have juice going up to my dimmer switch but don't know how to test my dimmer switch itself. Thanks in advance.
Never had vacuum leak before after changing valve covers gaskets now have air hissing noise upper under throttle body plastic running across the top of the motor sounds like it's right there it ran fine after finishing the job got it to the driveway and now it won't run correctly
Sometimes it will and sometimes it wont come out of park

2 1/2 qt low. Tried to turn over n heard loud clunk. Pulled home. fan motor moved barely on turning key. Now fan don't move. Checked starter. It good.. Does a click then light sound of tick tick tick then nothing. Any idea what could be? Please help me.
I have a XL-7 4X4 with automatic transmission 230000 miles on it, in the mournings I have trouble with the rear gear it din't engage until I accelerate several times strongly, after it engaged and the car moves rear, then I use the car normally and the rear possition engage just fine for the rest of the day unless it is park for more tan three or four hours in the same place then it do the same again.
The driver's side door is stuck locked. It can't be unlocked with the key or by pulling on it manually.
It wont shift into any gear and I am trying to figure out if I can fix this myself. I no it is possible its a clip that holds the gear shift cable in place. Just don't know if it's a problem on the outside of the transmission or on the inside of the transmission.
I was driving down the road when I lost power from engine. when I pulled over I had smoke under hood, upon inspecting, I noticed I had oil all over the cross member under the engine. the engine would run rough, but when you pushed the gas pedal it would lose power and start trying to stall out. now engine won't start, any ideas where or what I should check first. I really need it running and a full fledged mechanic is well outside of my budget. can do the work myself, just need pointed in the right direction. thanks in advance p.s. this is the 2.7 XL7 not the 2.5 model Vitaras.
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