Soft Top Hydraulic Motor Corrosion Due to Poor Design and Drainage in pump housing on BMW Z4

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2003 BMW Z4 70,000 mi,
Top won't go down - red light just blinks. release won't release. not fixed -- hmmmm.

2006 BMW Z4 90,000 mi,
Top won't come up

2006 BMW Z4 37,000 mi,
Top will not raise. Motor runs but nothing happens. Cannot pull lever or turn handles to manually close top.

2003 BMW Z4 116,753 mi,
Top won't go down or up. Motor running but nothing happens. Lot of noise coming from the motor.

2006 BMW Z4 52,000 mi,
For no reason at all, the convertible top motor just stopped working.

2003 BMW Z4 20,000 mi,
My convertible roof motor has failed three times in my 2006 Z4, and twice in the older Z4 I had on lease before. Fortunately, all the failures (so far) have occurred during warranty. The BMW service guy told me it is a known poor design that is causing the failures. He said rain water actually drains through the compartment where the ELECTRIC motor is housed. The drain holes get plugged with leaf debris, etc so the water builds up and fries the motor. I'm not an engineer, but it sure sounds like a pretty absurd design to me.

The service guy told me it would have been about $1,400 if I had to pay for the repair (each time). I'm sure it will fail again some day and my car will then be a coupe instead of a convertible. In the meantime, I will try to put off the inevitable by keeping the car in the garage when the trees are dropping debris and when it is going to rain...

I guess it's more of an indoor car ?

2006 BMW Z4 106,000 mi,
Top has 2 motors, lock motor and motor for hydraulics. Lock motor is fine, but the one for the hydraulics just hums. BMW dealer quoted $1,800.00 to fix it. Found a motor for $350.00 at a euro-salvage, but the job will be labor intensive. Will need a partner for help in lifting the retracted top out. Tons of youtube videos out there for step by step help.

Three times!.. it's a low-mileage car

2006 BMW Z4 70,122 mi,
Convertible top would not go down. Issue caused by clogged drains causing motor to sit in standing water. Replaced top motor. $1100.00

2007 BMW Z4 30,000 mi,
2004 with less than 30k convertible top motor died. 2008 with less than 50K convertible top motor died.
Obviously they have no intention of making a simple redesign.

Soft top motor damaged due to water drainage of motor housing area, poor design plan.

Push button Rag top would not go down.
Motor rust out
Motor encased in sound "proof" material without a drain!
Over the years of washing water remained in and around motor; hence a block of rust was found! Extremely poor design. This should be classified as a recall! My out of pocket expense so far is one thousand two hundred ninety seven dollars and it is still in the repair shop for this reason only!

Top disengages but only about 1/4 inch. Will close and lock. It has not been fixed. Told by dealer that the fix would cost $1,750.00.