Q: Steering wheel and Brakes Jerking on 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

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While in wet muddy pasture, there was a loud noise and jerking of steering wheel and brakes. Turning either way is noisy and jerky. Going straight not as bad. Is this possibly a power steering pump or motor mounts?
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If you were using your four-whee-drive, some of what you describe sounds normal when turning sharply in four wheel drive. If not, something in the front drive axle/steering system may be to blame. You need to get your truck to a shop and duplicate the symptom and have them check it.
I was in four wheel drive, but there is an awful noise (sounds like the fan is hitting the shroud) when tuning the steering wheel to the left or right, and less noise when traveling down the road. When applying the brake, it jerks and the steering wheel also jerks. A guy I had look at it, said it was the power steering pump. Just wondering if it could be. I read an answer about brakes and steering, that said it could be a pressure valve in the power steering pump. What do you think?
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