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Repair Kit Available if Front Brake Caliper Bolt Threads Strip on Dodge Durango

Problem Description and Possible Solution

If the threads strip where the front brake caliper mounts to the steering knuckle, a steering knuckle repair kit is available. A new steering knuckle is not normally necessary.

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Dodge Durango Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 167,308 (84,700–261,000)
4 model years affected: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001
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caliper bolt holes on right steering knuckle stripped, looking for any help on this issue
bolt on front driver side of caliper will not tighten down was told by a repair shop the caliper needs replaced i still have this issue as i cant afford part right now 1991 dodge stealth had the same problem.i was missing the bottom bolt on the driver's side caliper mounting bracket.i took the caliper down to the auto parts store and right there at the counter I used their tap and die set for free.i went up one size.PROBLEM....the hole You have to go through to get to your new threads is to I simply hand threaded a hard junk bolt of the same size threw the hole and back out.i then threaded my new bolt in place.yes it was a little more work but much cheaper.when you're doing this be sure to place a screwdriver(wedge)between the rotor and caliper to make a nice tight fit or it well gap causing you to start great!
Driver and passenger brake caliper bolts stripped out,i put holie coiles in bother yet driver repeatedly strips out.every time brakes are applied front driver caliper scrapes rim and caliper together so puts a kit in the rim.put two different steering knuckles on driver side and still strips out somehow.
Both bolts on driver side steering knuckle are striped, noticed when removing caliper to change brakes.
I have the same problem and also the front wheel bearing went out had replaced now the axles need replaced and the passenger side caliper is stripped and lose hanging.